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Happy New Year!

Hello everyrone,

Wishing you all a Happy and safe New Year.  2012 should be an exciting year with the return of the JSA to DC comics (hopefully), and with that hopefully the return of Dr. Fate.  I personally can't wait, happy 2012 everyone!  And watch out for Mayan zombies.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: The Immortal Dr. Fate #2

The Immortal Dr. Fate #2 compiles four Dr. Fate stories that were printed in Flash 306-309 in 1982.  Written by Martin Pasko, penciled by Keith Giffen, inked by Larry Mahlstedt and colored by Gene D'Angelo.

Talk about being ahead of your time! For all you 2012 Mayan conspiracy theorists, Pasko tackled the indigenous Mexican people's prediction of the end of the world way back in the early 80's.  Way before it was hip to stock pile on food and ammunition in order to prepare for the upcoming apocalypse.  However, instead of the Mayans, Dr. Fate battles the Aztec god of war named Toltec.  In the series, we come to find out that Toltec is actually an Agent of Chaos named Malferrazae who has come back to life in order to bring about the end of this sun's cycle (and the rest of the world with it), and with that, begin the era of the Fifth Sun in which Malferrazae will rule the new world.

One of the fun things about Pasko's writing is that he makes Dr. Fate a truly global character.  The story begins in Boston, where Dr. Fate first finds Malferrazae has come back to destroy the world.  Malferrazae then transports both Fate and Inza (who caused Dr. Fate and her to be captured) to Mexico City and back in time to when the Aztecs ruled what is now Mexico.  Finally, the battle ends in Hollywood Blvd. in California.  Another highlight of Pasko's writing is the interesting dynamic he creates between Inza, her husband Kent, and Dr. Fate/Nabu.  Throughout Pasko's Dr. Fate series, we come to find that Inza is a "Desperate Housewife" of sorts.  She is frustrated that she is stuck in the Tower of Fate with nothing to do but take care of Kent's wounds after his battles with Chaos.  She is also jealous of Dr. Fate/Nabu, as she feels that he is taking her husband from her with every adventure he/they partake in.  Malferrazae takes advantage of Inza's jealousy in the story and creates a living demon out of Inza's envy of Dr. Fate.  Without giving away too much of the story for those who have not read it, this becomes a major realization for all three characters not only in this arc but also in the following arc.  Needless to say, Dr. Fate finds a way to save the day and overcome Malferrazae's threat.

The artwork in these stories is fantastic as well. I read these stories back when I was a kid and remember loving how much I loved the look of Dr. Fate's energy blasts coming from his hands.  Or the ankh cross showed up with Dr. Fate's spells, all color with no black outline.

Overall, I highly recommend this compilation of Dr. Fate stories.  Pasko did a great job with the Dr. Fate character and expanding the dynamic of Kent and Inza Nelson's relationship.


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Merry Christmas from The Tower of Fate

Greetings Dr. Fate & DC Comics fans,

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Dr. Fate Fans Pt. II

Christmas is right around the corner!  With that I give a couple of more gift ideas for the Dr. Fate fan in your family:

The DC Golden Age Dr. Fate Archives

New Frontier Series Dr. Fate Collectable Action Figure

Justice League Unlimited Dr. Fate Figure by Matterl

DC Direct Dr. Fate Figure

Apart from these great online gifts I would encourage everyone to go check out their local comic shop and see what they have for that Dr. Fate fan in your life. 

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JSA Rumor Mill

Latest rumor has it that Dan Didio is reported to have said that an announcement is forthcoming on 1/12/12 about the Justice Society of America.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that our favorite Doctor is featured in the new JSA team.  Thanks to @jimfinity for the info.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Which Dr. Fate Will We Get in DC's New 52?

In thinking about all the incarnations of Dr. Fate throughout the years, I began to wonder which incarnation of Dr. Fate will we fans get when he eventually makes it into the new DC universe?  I guess it would make sense to start over and give the mantle of Fate to the original Kent Nelson as he is the most well known.  When thinking of Dr. Fate it is hard to think of anyone else as the character.  Kent Nelson is Dr. Fate despite others wearing the Helm for a period of time.

However, I think the Dr. Fate I enjoyed the most, and possibly had the most depth was the last incarnation of Fate.  Nelson's grandnephew, Kent V. Nelson was a novice without a guide.  He had to learn about the mystic arts on his own without the help of Nabu's guidance.  Furthermore,  he was a lost soul.  When the Helm appeared to him he was homeless, had just been beaten up fighting for money in an alley with another "bum", and was on the road to nowhere.  Once a prominent psychiatrist, he lost it all when he cheated on his wife who eventually left him.  He then began to lose touch with his patients which eventually led to one of his patients killing himself and another in a car accident.  The Helm of Fate brought this wretched man a chance for redemption which he reluctantly accepted and eventually became a hero.  As much as I like the original Kent Nelson, I would hate for this Kent Nelson to be erased from history.  I would hate to see everything he went through completely forgotten.  If it was up to me, I would keep this incarnation of Kent Nelson and Dr. Fate while referring to the historical Kent Nelson in future comics.

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History of Dr. Fate Pt. 3

History of Dr. Fate Pt. 3:  Inza Nelson

Inza Craemer was the girlfriend, and later the wife, of Kent Nelson, the mystical defender of Earth known as Doctor Fate. She lived for decades in Fate's Tower in Salem, kept youthful by the energies her husband wielded, which also preserved him. Inza eventualy began to resent her effective imprisonment in the Tower and the way her life had turned out, and to suffer mental problems including severe depression. Eventually though, Kent's magics began to fail and he and Inza both aged and died. They were resurrected in new, younger bodies, but discovered that only Inza could now become Doctor Fate (it appears that Fate was originally intended to be a composite of both of them, but that Kent had kept the power to himself). For a time, Kent and Inza parted ways, partly due to the machinations of a Lord of Chaos named Tgiian who had taken possession of the Helmet of Nabu, worn by Doctor Fate. After a short time though, the Nelsons were reunited and began to share the power of Doctor Fate as they had always been intended to.
During the incident called Zero Hour, the Nelsons (along with the rest of Kent's teammates in the JSA, were drawn into battle with the villain Extant, who forcibly separated them from the artifacts of Doctor Fate (the Helm, amulet and cloak) and condemned them to become their true age once more. The aged Nelson's recovered the artifacts with the assistance of mercenary Jared Stevens, but the artifacts refused to bond with them again and both Inza and her husband were killed by minions of the demon Kingdom. Inza's spirit, like that of her husband, appeared to dwell for awhile inside the amulet of Fate, but has since apparently passed on.

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DC Comics, One of America's Hottest Brands

Advertising Age has named DC Comics as one of America's Hottest Brands.  This coincides with DC's New 52 and the high sales shares of the comic market that DC has enjoyed since the relaunch.  Good news for DC comic fans and comic fans in general as it looks like the medium is making a come back.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Doctor Fate on Television Appearances

Below is a list I compiled of Dr. Fate appearances on screen.

2011- Young Justice: Revelation
          Batman Brave and the Bold:  Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above the Earth (Dr. Fate appears with the JSA in a non-speaking role)                                                 
2010-Smallville: Absolute Justice
2009-Batman Brave and the Bold:  Eyes of Despero
                                                        Fate of Equinox
2006-Justice League: The great Brain Robbery
2004-Justice League: Wake the Dead
                                    The Return
2003-Justice League: The Terror Beyond Part II
                                   The Terror Beyond
1997-Superman: The Hand of Fate

Video Games
2011-DC Universe Online

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dr. Fate Tribute Videos

I went through Youtube and tried to look for some fan made tribute videos and these are what I could find.  Hope you enjoy and thanks to all the fans that took time to put together the videos: by whitelionfrag101

Dr. Fate Ultimate Tribute by BlackvilleGrave33 by TheMtVernonKid

DCU/JSA: Dr. Fate Tribute by BrandonHexHD

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A Comparison of the Assyrian Mythology of Nabu and the DC Mythology of Nabu

As part of Dr. Fate’s history, I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the actual ancient Assyrian mythos of the deity Nabu, with the DC mythos the Lord of Order Nabu.  In the actual, historical mythos of the ancient deity, Nabu is a Babylonian god, the son of Marduk and his consort Sarpanitum, and grand-son of Ea. His power over human existence is immense, because He engraves the destiny of each person, as the Gods have decided, on the tablets of sacred record. Thus, He has the power to increase or diminish, at will, the length of human life. His symbols are the clay/stone tablet with the writing stylo, and his sacred animal is the winged dragon who is initially his father´s. He wears a horned cap, and stands with hands clasped, in the ancient gesture of priesthood

Originally, Nabu was a West Semitic deity, mentioned among the Ebla gods. By the beginning of the second millennium BCE, the Amorites had introduced him to Mesopotamia, probably at the same time as Marduk. The two gods continued to have close connections throughout their history (well into the Persian period and beyond). While Marduk became Babylon´s main deity, Nabu resided in nearby Borsippa in his temple E-zida. He was first called the "scribe and minister of Marduk", later assimilated as Marduk´s beloved son from Sarpanitum, Marduk´s consort. Nabu is accorded the office of patron of the scribes, taking over from the Sumerian goddess Nisaba. His consort is Tashmetum, whose name derives from the Akkadian "shamu", meaning something like "the granting of requests", thus being a merciful mediator, protector against evil and goddess of love and potency.

Nabu was also worshipped in Assyria: Shalmanesser I built the first Nabu sanctuary in Ashur ca. 1300 BCE, and others followed in Nineveh, Kalah and Khorsabad. Following the expansion of the Assyrian empire from Sargon II onwards, he became one of the great gods of the realm and was frequently invoked in royal inscriptions. His popularity among the Assyrians is also well documented by numerous private names, letters and prayers. Being the patron of the scribal arts, he also represented the cultural traditions of the South, which were greatly admired. After the downfall of Assyria, Nabu rose to a high rank in the Neo-Babylonian pantheon, first as Marduk´s son and then in his own right. His cult in fact endured well into the Parthian period. With his elevation to the ranks of the great gods, Nabu became a cosmic deity, entrusted with the Tablets of Destiny, 'pronouncing the Fate" of humankind. The texts equate him with Ninurta. He was also sometimes mentioned as the god of water and of the fertility of fields, maybe through his descent from Ea/Enki, with whom he also shares the epithet of god of wisdom.

According to the DC mythos, Nabu was born over 10 billion years ago after the formation of the univers and the birth of the elemental forces of Order and Chaos.  On the world called Cilia, the Lords of Order manifested themselves as the first sentient race in the universe, a race of energy beings. After millennia, circa 3500 BCE, one of the Lords of Order, descends to Earth from Cilia and became Nabu the Wise, an adviser to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.
Nabu became the keeper of several powerful talismans. In the 26th century BCE, he created the Scarab of Kha-ef-re with the help of a time traveler from the 20th century. This was an attempt to overthrow Vandal Savage, who was at that time the pharaoh called Khafre. (Regardless, the Scarab was lost for 4,500 years before being rediscovered in the 20th century by archaeologist Dan Garrett, who became the first Blue Beetle).

Nabu's most powerful talisman, the Amulet of Anubis was created a few centuries later (c. 2025 BCE), but the circumstances are not certain. According to the devious creatures called Flaw & Child, Nabu commissioned the Amulet of Anubis from The Cutter, of the magical Gemworld. Another tale asserts that in the Egyptian city of Bubastis, the mad priest Khalis slayed his followers in the name of the god Anubis, who then granted Khalis the Amulet of Anubis as a reward for his service. Whatever its origin, this Amulet then became home to the Lords of Order.

During the reign of pharaoh Ramses (c. 1260 BCE), Nabu became a royal adviser and court magician. He was humbled in battle with the Spectre, who killed Ramses for his crimes against the Hebrews.

He was also on hand when a Thanagarian starship crashed. From it Nabu recovered a portion of the anti-gravity metal that powered the ship, called "Nth metal" by the dying Thanagarian pilot. Nabu and his ally, Teth-Adam used a portion of the Nth metal to forge a war gauntlet called the Claw of Horus, which they predicted would be instrumental in a battle thousands of years in the future.

Archaeologist Sven Nelson and his son, Kent, then a boy, were exploring an ancient temple in the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia. Kent found the entombed body of the giant ancient wizard Nabu the Wise, who was in suspended animation. orm. In 1940, Nabu (kept in suspended animation) was wakened by the young Kent Nelson, the son of archaeologist Sven Nelson.  This led to the birth of the Golden Age, and modern, Dr. Fate.

Nabu was apparently killed by the Spectre Force.  His death ended the 9th age of magic and ushered in the 10th age of magic.  It’s interesting that, although adding much of their own story, DC kept some details of the original Nubu mythos.  For example, the original Nabu was able to decide the fate of human beings and his consort was thought to be a protector against evil, which one could think of Inza Kent in much the same way.  It’s always fun when our superheroes and history collide such as the JSA fighting evil during WWII. 

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History of Dr. Fate Pt. 2

Eric and Linda Strauss

In 1987, DC published a 4-part mini-series passing the mantle from and aging Kent Nelson to the next Dr. Fate. Nabu, having to deal with his powerful brother Typhon who has manifested chaos on planet Earth, began the search for a new host. This search took him to a young man named Eric Strauss (aged to an adult by Nabu's magic) and his stepmother Linda Strauss. Over Nabu's wishes, Kent Nelson urges Linda and Eric to merge so that they had to merge to become Doctor Fate, but could live apart when Fate was not needed.  The new Dr. Fate defeated Typhon restording order back to Earth. Once the new Dr. Fate was established Kent Nelson asks Nabu to "release" him, and Nelson passed away.  However, Nubu is brought back to his home by the other gods and is subsequently kicked out for wishing to continue to fight for order on Earth.  Nabu then possesed Kent Nelson's corpse to serve Eric and Linda as adviser and instructor. Since the tower Nelson used as a sanctum had apparently been destroyed, the pair operated out of Linda's apartment. Over time they were joined by a small, kind demon they dubbed Petey and a lawyer named Jack C. Small. Petey and Jack provided moral support and managed to assist in some of their battles.
During a battle on Akropolips, Eric was killed, leaving Linda to take over the role of Doctor Fate. However, Eric did not pass on to the afterlife and instead his soul was placed in the body of a recently deceased man named Eugene DiBellia.  Soon, the Lords of Chaos attacked Linda and killed her.  Her soul also took the body  of Eugene's wife Wendy DiBellia.

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DC Nation Preview Today?

Yesterday Geoff Johns tweeted: "DC Nation is Cartoon Networks block of DC programming starting in March - you'll see what it's all about tomorrow night. :)" Hopefully we get to see a sneak peek at the show during tonight's premier of Green Lantern the Animated Series.   Here's a preview we got to see earlier during Comic Con:

You can follow Johns on tweeter at @geoffjohns.  And while you are following Johns why not follow the Tower of Fate Blog's twitter at @toweroffate

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not thank everyone that has and is serving in the Military.  Thank you for your service on this Veteran's Day.

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Dr. Fate Fan Film on Youtube

This is a bit old but lots of fun.  This is a Dr. Fate fan film by Gary Lobstein, where Dr. Fate battles the evil forces of Chaos.  Part two features The Question and look for the Justice League cameos in part three!

Part 1: Dr. Fate and the Crawling Chaos

Part 2: A Question of Fate

Part3: Dr. Fate Returns


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History of Dr. Fate Pt. 1

Being that that this is a blog about Dr. Fate for Dr. Fate fans (new and old) I thought I should include the character's history.  This is mostly taken from Wikipedia and DC's website.  This article will only mention the original Dr. Fate, Kent Nelson.  I will post more articles on the Dr. Fates that followed Nelson in the future.     

Kent Nelson/Nabu

Kent Nelson, the young son of American archaeologist Sven Nelson, accompanied his father on an expedition to the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia in 1920. When Kent opened the tomb of the ancient wizard Nabu, a poison gas was released which ultimately resulted in Sven Nelson's death. Nabu, taking pity on the orphaned Kent, raised him and taught him the skills of a wizard, and then bestowed upon him a mystical helmet, amulet and cloak.
By 1940, Nelson returned to the United States and resided in an invisible tower in Salem, Massachusetts. From this sanctum he embarked on a career fighting crime and supernatural evil as the hero Doctor Fate. During the early part of this career he met, romanced, and married a woman named Inza Cramer.
In late 1940, Doctor Fate was among the founding members of the Justice Society of America. He remained active with the group through the middle of the decade, resigning in 1944, and going into retirement. When the team came out of retirement to work with the Justice League in the modern era, he returned as well, rejoining his old teammates.

In 1942, Kent switched to a half-helmet when he felt Nabu's personality take control of his body whenever he wore the Helm of Nabu. The change, while stripping him of most of his magical power, left Nelson in full control of his actions and still more than a normal human. During this time, Nelson acquired a medical license and became an intern at the Weatherby Free Clinic. Shortly thereafter, when a supervillain stole the Helm of Nabu, Nelson lost all access to the helm as both it and the thief were cast into an alternate dimension.
Even with the return of the JSA, Doctor Fate's activities were less than public. These included assisting fellow JSA member Hourman against Solomon Grundy and the Psycho-Pirate.

When the Justice Society reformed in the modern age of heroes, Doctor Fate was among the returning members, now using the Helm of Nabu again. Though he had become increasingly erratic and withdrawn from humanity, he was still committed to protecting Earth against supernatural menaces. Kent also became an archaeologist like his father. During this time Nelson also went through a period where, in order to become Doctor Fate, he had to fuse with his wife Inza.  Kent later became the sole wearer of the Helm and joined the re-formed Justice League. The magic Kent used to keep Inza and himself young soon failed. This resulted in the pair aging and passing away in a short span of time.  Kent was reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps during The Blackest Night.

Publication history

More Fun Comics #55 (May 1940) introduced the first Doctor Fate. After a year with little background, his alter ego Kent Nelson and origins were shown in More Fun Comics #67 (May 1941). At this point, the character was shown to be an archaeologist's son who had discovered the tomb of an ancient wizard named Nabu.
 His love interest was known variably as "Inza Cramer", "Inza Sanders", and finally "Inza Carmer", which was amended to "Inza Cramer" in the  His enemies included (in order of first appearance) Wotan, Ian Karkull, Nergal, Mr. Who, The Clock, The Octopus, Mad Dog, and various mad scientists, mobsters, and thugs.

When the Justice Society of America (JSA) was being created for All Star Comics #3, Doctor Fate was one of the characters National Comics used for the joint venture with All-American Publications. He made his last appearance in the book in issue #21 (Summer 1944), virtually simultaneously with the end of his own strip in More Fun Comics #98 (July - Aug. 1944).

In More Fun Comics #72 (Oct. 1941), Doctor Fate's appearance was modified, exchanging the full helmet for a half-helmet so his lower face was exposed. The focus of the strip shifted away from magic to standard superhero action. By the end of 1942, the character had been changed into a medical doctor with fewer mystic elements in the strip. The character's popularity waned faster than many of his contemporaries', and the strip was cancelled before the end of World War II in 1944.

Doctor Fate was revived along with many other Justice Society members in the 1960s through the annual team-ups with the Justice League of America (JLA). These stories established that the two teams resided on parallel worlds. Unlike many of his JSA teammates, Doctor Fate did not have an analogue or counterpart among the Justice League.

Aside from the annual team up in Justice League of America, DC featured the original Doctor Fate in other stories through the 1960s and 1970s. These included a two-issue run with Hourman in Showcase #55-56, wherein it was revealed Kent Nelson and Inza Cramer had married since the end of the Golden Age; appearances with Superman in World's Finest Comics (#208, Dec. 1971) and DC Comics Presents (#23, July 1980); with Batman in The Brave and the Bold (#156, Nov. 1979); and a solo story in 1st Issue Special #9 (Dec. 1975), written by Martin Pasko and drawn by Walt Simonson. With this story, Pasko added the concept that the spirit of Nabu resided in the helmet and took control of Nelson whenever the helmet was donned.

In the early 1980s, Roy Thomas incorporated the retcon that Nabu inhabited the helmet into his All-Star Squadorn series, set in late 1941, as an explanation for the changes in Doctor Fate's helmet and powers. (In a caption box on the final panel of All-Star Squadron #28's main story (Dec. 1983), Thomas indicated an explanation of how and why Nelson returned to the full helmet and possession by Nabu when the JSA reactivated in the 1960s was forthcoming, but it was never published).

This led to Kent and Inza, combining into one Doctor Fate, featuring in a series of back-up stories running from The Flash #305 (Feb. 1982) to #313 (Sept. 1982). Cary Bates wrote the initial story, with Pasko taking over as writer in issue #306, aided by Steve Gerber from #310 to #313. In 1985 DC collected these back-up stories, as well as a 1978 retelling of Dr. Fate's origin by Paul Levitz, Joe Staton & Michael Netzer (Nasser) originally published in Secret Origins of Super-Heroes (DC Special Series #10, 1978, in the indicia), the aforementioned Pasko/Simonson story from 1st Issue Special #9, and a 1940s Doctor Fate tale from More Fun #56, in a three-issue limited series titled The Immortal Doctor Fate.

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Dr. Fate's Final Appearance in the (now) old DC Universe

JSA #54, the last issue of the Justice Society of America before the New 52 Reboot, and Dr. Fate's final appearance.  Let's hope he makes a come back into the DCnU sooner than later.

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Intro and welcome to The Tower of Fate Blog


I'd like to welcome everyone to the Tower of Fate Blog dedicated to one of my favorite superheroes: Dr. Fate.  Although there isn't much news for Dr. Fate at the minute, due to the whole DC Universe reboot, I hope that the character will be reintroduced into the new DC Universe in the near future.

In the meantime, this blog will focus on Dr. Fate's history, art, television appearances, etc.  I'll also focus on new DCU news that may or may not pertain to our beloved hero.  I hope you all enjoy it and if you have an idea for a story you'd like to read about regarding Dr. Fate do not hesitate to send me your idea.