Sunday, November 13, 2011

History of Dr. Fate Pt. 2

Eric and Linda Strauss

In 1987, DC published a 4-part mini-series passing the mantle from and aging Kent Nelson to the next Dr. Fate. Nabu, having to deal with his powerful brother Typhon who has manifested chaos on planet Earth, began the search for a new host. This search took him to a young man named Eric Strauss (aged to an adult by Nabu's magic) and his stepmother Linda Strauss. Over Nabu's wishes, Kent Nelson urges Linda and Eric to merge so that they had to merge to become Doctor Fate, but could live apart when Fate was not needed.  The new Dr. Fate defeated Typhon restording order back to Earth. Once the new Dr. Fate was established Kent Nelson asks Nabu to "release" him, and Nelson passed away.  However, Nubu is brought back to his home by the other gods and is subsequently kicked out for wishing to continue to fight for order on Earth.  Nabu then possesed Kent Nelson's corpse to serve Eric and Linda as adviser and instructor. Since the tower Nelson used as a sanctum had apparently been destroyed, the pair operated out of Linda's apartment. Over time they were joined by a small, kind demon they dubbed Petey and a lawyer named Jack C. Small. Petey and Jack provided moral support and managed to assist in some of their battles.
During a battle on Akropolips, Eric was killed, leaving Linda to take over the role of Doctor Fate. However, Eric did not pass on to the afterlife and instead his soul was placed in the body of a recently deceased man named Eugene DiBellia.  Soon, the Lords of Chaos attacked Linda and killed her.  Her soul also took the body  of Eugene's wife Wendy DiBellia.

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