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History of Dr. Fate Pt. 3

History of Dr. Fate Pt. 3:  Inza Nelson

Inza Craemer was the girlfriend, and later the wife, of Kent Nelson, the mystical defender of Earth known as Doctor Fate. She lived for decades in Fate's Tower in Salem, kept youthful by the energies her husband wielded, which also preserved him. Inza eventualy began to resent her effective imprisonment in the Tower and the way her life had turned out, and to suffer mental problems including severe depression. Eventually though, Kent's magics began to fail and he and Inza both aged and died. They were resurrected in new, younger bodies, but discovered that only Inza could now become Doctor Fate (it appears that Fate was originally intended to be a composite of both of them, but that Kent had kept the power to himself). For a time, Kent and Inza parted ways, partly due to the machinations of a Lord of Chaos named Tgiian who had taken possession of the Helmet of Nabu, worn by Doctor Fate. After a short time though, the Nelsons were reunited and began to share the power of Doctor Fate as they had always been intended to.
During the incident called Zero Hour, the Nelsons (along with the rest of Kent's teammates in the JSA, were drawn into battle with the villain Extant, who forcibly separated them from the artifacts of Doctor Fate (the Helm, amulet and cloak) and condemned them to become their true age once more. The aged Nelson's recovered the artifacts with the assistance of mercenary Jared Stevens, but the artifacts refused to bond with them again and both Inza and her husband were killed by minions of the demon Kingdom. Inza's spirit, like that of her husband, appeared to dwell for awhile inside the amulet of Fate, but has since apparently passed on.

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