Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: The Immortal Dr. Fate #2

The Immortal Dr. Fate #2 compiles four Dr. Fate stories that were printed in Flash 306-309 in 1982.  Written by Martin Pasko, penciled by Keith Giffen, inked by Larry Mahlstedt and colored by Gene D'Angelo.

Talk about being ahead of your time! For all you 2012 Mayan conspiracy theorists, Pasko tackled the indigenous Mexican people's prediction of the end of the world way back in the early 80's.  Way before it was hip to stock pile on food and ammunition in order to prepare for the upcoming apocalypse.  However, instead of the Mayans, Dr. Fate battles the Aztec god of war named Toltec.  In the series, we come to find out that Toltec is actually an Agent of Chaos named Malferrazae who has come back to life in order to bring about the end of this sun's cycle (and the rest of the world with it), and with that, begin the era of the Fifth Sun in which Malferrazae will rule the new world.

One of the fun things about Pasko's writing is that he makes Dr. Fate a truly global character.  The story begins in Boston, where Dr. Fate first finds Malferrazae has come back to destroy the world.  Malferrazae then transports both Fate and Inza (who caused Dr. Fate and her to be captured) to Mexico City and back in time to when the Aztecs ruled what is now Mexico.  Finally, the battle ends in Hollywood Blvd. in California.  Another highlight of Pasko's writing is the interesting dynamic he creates between Inza, her husband Kent, and Dr. Fate/Nabu.  Throughout Pasko's Dr. Fate series, we come to find that Inza is a "Desperate Housewife" of sorts.  She is frustrated that she is stuck in the Tower of Fate with nothing to do but take care of Kent's wounds after his battles with Chaos.  She is also jealous of Dr. Fate/Nabu, as she feels that he is taking her husband from her with every adventure he/they partake in.  Malferrazae takes advantage of Inza's jealousy in the story and creates a living demon out of Inza's envy of Dr. Fate.  Without giving away too much of the story for those who have not read it, this becomes a major realization for all three characters not only in this arc but also in the following arc.  Needless to say, Dr. Fate finds a way to save the day and overcome Malferrazae's threat.

The artwork in these stories is fantastic as well. I read these stories back when I was a kid and remember loving how much I loved the look of Dr. Fate's energy blasts coming from his hands.  Or the ankh cross showed up with Dr. Fate's spells, all color with no black outline.

Overall, I highly recommend this compilation of Dr. Fate stories.  Pasko did a great job with the Dr. Fate character and expanding the dynamic of Kent and Inza Nelson's relationship.



  1. Great review! And I agree THE IMMORTAL DOCTOR FATE is a must read for any fan of the helm of Nabu! Even if you've read the originals, pick up these reprints for the coloring, paperstock, and covers.

    The Irredeemable Shag