Friday, December 9, 2011

Which Dr. Fate Will We Get in DC's New 52?

In thinking about all the incarnations of Dr. Fate throughout the years, I began to wonder which incarnation of Dr. Fate will we fans get when he eventually makes it into the new DC universe?  I guess it would make sense to start over and give the mantle of Fate to the original Kent Nelson as he is the most well known.  When thinking of Dr. Fate it is hard to think of anyone else as the character.  Kent Nelson is Dr. Fate despite others wearing the Helm for a period of time.

However, I think the Dr. Fate I enjoyed the most, and possibly had the most depth was the last incarnation of Fate.  Nelson's grandnephew, Kent V. Nelson was a novice without a guide.  He had to learn about the mystic arts on his own without the help of Nabu's guidance.  Furthermore,  he was a lost soul.  When the Helm appeared to him he was homeless, had just been beaten up fighting for money in an alley with another "bum", and was on the road to nowhere.  Once a prominent psychiatrist, he lost it all when he cheated on his wife who eventually left him.  He then began to lose touch with his patients which eventually led to one of his patients killing himself and another in a car accident.  The Helm of Fate brought this wretched man a chance for redemption which he reluctantly accepted and eventually became a hero.  As much as I like the original Kent Nelson, I would hate for this Kent Nelson to be erased from history.  I would hate to see everything he went through completely forgotten.  If it was up to me, I would keep this incarnation of Kent Nelson and Dr. Fate while referring to the historical Kent Nelson in future comics.


  1. The ne 52 reboot is so messed up in so many ways, it's not even. I actually miss the real DC heroes!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm with Anthony. But if I had a choice, I pray with see Kent Nelson.