Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Dr. Fate 1-24 by J.M. DeMatteis

I have very strong opinions about this book, so I won't beat around the bush and start by admitting that I hated everything about this Dr. Fate run.  I'll go as far as to say that this may have almost killed the character, but at least it kept Dr. Fate in the consciousness of comic book fans at that time.

I don't know where to start, the art or the story.  The art or the story, the art or the story, the art or the story? Ah, F' it....let me just jump in and begin with the art work of McManus. I've read articles in on the internet about how gorgeous the art was.  Are you freaking serious?  They absolutely destroyed the look of the Helm.  I hated the fact that you could see emotions on the face of the Helm.  What made Dr. Fate's distinctive look was/is the cold, expressionless face plate of the helm.  You can never tell what the wearer was going through inside of the helmet.  Also, the design of the helmet, although basically the same, took on an awful look that shed anything that was cool/awesome from the good doctor.  The other characters and villains Dr. Fate faced were also bad.  I guess I'm not much of a fan of McManus' exaggerated style of art.

On to the story(ies), DeMatteis basically took and used the character of Dr. Fate to spread his religious ideas/agenda (which is not a bad one).  I don't disagree with the religious notion he puts forth in the books of God (whatever that means to you the individual) as being pure love.  However, this makes for boring stories that rarely puts Dr. Fate in any type of action.  Furthermore, I hate the fact that in order to become Dr. Fate all Linda and Eric had to do was touch hands in order to merge instead of putting on the helmet.  Did not like the fact that the helmet was part of their souls.  Also Nabu.  Hated what they did with the character of Nabu. Yes he is supposed to be attempting to learn what it is like to be human, but this arcane Lord of Order, becomes a wise cracking side kick to Lisa and Eric.  Aaaaaarrggghhhhhh!!!  In short, although the run had a nice little message about religious unity, as a comic book it was horrible.  I get it that it was supposed to be light and humorous but this is Dr. Fate one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe which they turned into some silly cartoonish story.  If you want to look at great early Dr. Fate stories check out Martin Pasko's Dr. Fate run.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Helm of Fate aka Helm of Nabu

Today I'd like to take a closer look at one of the most powerful artifacts/weapons/vestments ever created: the Helm of Fate(Helm of Nabu).  The Helm of Fate once housed the spirit of Nabu, an ancient Lord of Order, who would possess the human host (Kent Nelson) once the helmet was dawned and would become Dr. Fate.  The Helm of Fate, along with the Amulet of Anubis and Cloak of Destiny, provide the wearer with powerful magical abilities such as: Astral Projection, Spell Casting, Mystic Bolts, Phasing, Flight, Invulnerability, Super-Strength, and many other abilities.  According to the dc.wikia page, Dr. Fate "has been credited as being one of the top 12 most powerful heroes in the universe." http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Helmet_of_Fate  And in several issues of the JSA, Dr. Fate was referred as to one of their "heavy hitters" and/or "big guns."

Nabu was later restricted to simply advising the wearer of the helm and could no longer possess him/her.  After a duel with the Spectre in the events leading to Infinite Crisis, Nabu died and the Helm is tossed into outer space by Captain Marvel so that it may find the next suitable candidate to become Dr. Fate.  Although the helm lost Nabu as it's guiding intelligence, it apparently, still contained some guiding abilities for the next wearer.  Of course, this is where the helm's story left off before the DC Universe was rebooted.  We shall have to wait until Dr. Fate returns to the new universe to see where Nabu and the Helmet of Fate fit into the new mythology of the good doctor.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black Lantern Dr. Fate

During the Blackest Night events Kent Nelson, the original Dr. Fate, was reanimated by a Black Lantern ring.  As far as I can remember they did not show much of him, but his Grandnephew, Kent V. Nelson (the new Dr. Fate), mentions that he was attacked by the BL Doctor Fate and cast a spell to send him into outer space as he was too powerful for the new Dr. Fate to do battle with the reanimated version.  So in honor of Walking Dead night, I give you the reanimated Black Lantern Kent Nelson aka Dr. Fate:  


Friday, February 24, 2012

What I would give for a JSA movie

The above picture would make any JSA fan wish and wonder what a Justice Society movie would look like.  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the Smallville Absolute Justice episode as I really enjoyed it.  Well, except for the fact that Kent Nelson, not Dr. Fate, gets killed.  They did point out that the Helm would seek out another host to become the future Dr. Fate.  But I digress, a stand alone JSA movie would be so great.  I would even take a made-for-tv movie.  

Check out the this fan-made JSA movie poster and tell me it doesn't want a movie even more:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Preview: DC Universe Online Legends #24

On sale next Wednesday! DC Universe Online Legends #24.  For those of you wondering why I may be putting up previews for this series, it's the only series at this moment regularly featuring Dr. Fate!

From The Source: "There may only be three issues left in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS, but the action is just getting started!  Having originally pledged his alliance to Brainiac, Lex Luthor comes up with a plan to save Earth. A plan that, along with help of the heroes of the DC Universe, will put an end to Brainiac once and for all. But when Brainiac finds out that Luthor is not the ally he thought he was, the consequences will be grave and fatalities will be had. Who will rise and who will fall in this final battle?
Written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by Howard Porter and Livesay, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS #24 goes on sale next Wednesday."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

JSA Dr. Fate Covers

Just for fun I thought I'd put up some of the great JSA covers featuring Dr. Fate.  Enjoy!

And of course can't forget the classic: 

Monday, February 20, 2012

DC Super Powers Dr. Fate Action Figure

This figure came out circa 1985 and was part of the second wave of the Super Powers collection.  The detail of the figure is pretty well done.  Dr. Fate's helm looks a bit long but otherwise fairly good looking.  He has the Amulet of Anubis, collar and cloth cape, and shoulder pads.  His knee joints were bendable, and you can manipulate the legs at the hips.  His hear was able to turn to both sides and arms were able to be manipulated at the shoulders.  One of the neat things about the Super Powers toys was that each had a special "action" they would do.  In Dr. Fate's case, if you squeezed his legs together, both of his arms would raise as if he was casting a spell.

The action figures also came with a small-sized comic book with an adventure featuring the hero you had purchased.  In his adventure, Dr. Fate has to deal with a hypnotized Martian Manhunter and Superman who are under Apocalypse's power and attack the mystic sage.  Dr. Fate is able to cast a spell on both of his friends to break Apocalypse's hold over them, but not after he is attacked by his friends.  Overall, the figure is well done and if I must say so myself, as a kid I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it.

Here is a picture of the Dr. Fate Super Powers figure from my personal collection (the above pictures are better quality pics courtesy of Google images):

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Live Action Dr. Fate from Smallville's "Absolute Justice"

For those of you who might have missed he Absolute Justice episode of Smallville featuring the JSA's Starman, Hawkman, Stargirl and Dr. Fate (with cameos from The Sandman, the Atom, Wildcat, Green Lantern, and the Flash), here are some images of a live-action Dr. Fate:

It's be great to see Dr. Fate in live-action again.  Maybe if the Deadman show becomes a reality, he may show up there.  I've always said that Dr. Fate would be a great candidate for his own show on Syfy or even a one-shot television movie on Syfy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Preview: DC Universe Online Legends #23

Preview for tomorrow's DC Universe Online Legends #23

From DC's The Source: "With only four issues of the series remaining, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS continues its final battle in issue #23!

As Braniac’s plan to invade and destroy Earth seems to be progressing accordingly, the heroes and villains of the DC Universe must unite to stop him before it’s too late. But when tragedy strikes both sides, who will remain committed to saving their planet and who will pledge allegiance to Braniac in order to survive? Hint: the answer might not be as obvious as you may think!

Written by Marv Wolfman and featuring art by Mike S. Miller, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS #23 flies into stores tomorrow."

For the full preview log onto: http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Tower of Fate.  To get  you in the loving mood, here are a few pictures of a couple that were/are fated to be together for eternity.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dr. Fate vs Dr. Strange

There has always been a sort of competition between Marvel and DC fans.  Sure there is a lot of cross over where comic fans buy comics from both companies, but usually they will lean more towards one company.  Within that competition there are arguments about which characters are better, and if so and so from DC was to fight such and such from Marvel who would win?  Well, one of the biggest debates is who would win between the two of Earth's Supreme Sorcerers.  With that I leave you with the following image gallery I was able to connect from the internets.    

BTW you all know who has my vote to win this match, right?  ;-) 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Earth 2 First Look

We finally get our first look at Earth 2 #1 featuring Earth 2 Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.  Looks like they are facing a threat similar to Earth 1's Justice League.

Link: http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2012/02/10/first-look-earth-two-variant-cover/

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dr. Fate Cosplay

Here are some great Dr. Fate costumes I found on the net.  Unfortunately I don't have much information on them so if you see yourself in these pictures let me know so I can give you the proper credit.  

Gotta start of with the Kent V. Nelson costume.

This is the only one I may know. I believe this is Gary Lobstein who made the Dr. Fate fan films.

Cool picture of Dr. Fate and GL Alan Scott

Inza Nelson! 

Dr. Fate from Justice League CN show

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dr. Fate Redesign

Found this great Dr. Fate redesign concept on deviantart.com.  The redesign was done by http://jaypiscopo.deviantart.com/

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Classic JLA/JSA Cover

This issue was published circa 1963, and featured the return of the Justice Society of America after more than a decade of being absent from comics.  It also marked the beginning of an annual event or "Crisis" that would have the JLA and JSA team up once a year in order to overcome a new threat.