Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Young Justice Episode Today *SPOILERS*

*Warning this article contains spoilers of the 3/3/12 Young Justice Episode "Misplaced"*

Today's episode of Young Justice was a great one for Dr. Fate fans!  When I saw the previews of the episode, I was hoping that we were going to see Nabu once more on screen, and DC and Cartoon Network did not disappoint.   Today we got to see two versions of Dr. Fate, a male and female version.  In today's episode titled "Misplaced," Klarion gathers the world's most powerful (evil) sorcerers and places a spell to separate the Earth into two dimensions.  One dimension has no children, while the other has no adults, effectively transforming the Earth into two separate worlds.       

Once Captain Marvel, who is able to travel in between both dimensions as an adults and as the child Billy Batson, figures out that in order to join both worlds again they must cease a gem that Klarion is using for his spell, Zatanna dawns the Helm of Nabu and becomes Dr. Fate.  With Dr. Fate and the Young Justice team attacking Klarion on the adult-less dimension, and the Justice League attacking the four other sorcerers in the childless dimension they are able to obtain the gem and once again reunite the two dimensions.  Once the danger has subsided, Zatara asks Nabu to release his daughter Zatanna from his hold, but Nabu denies Zatara's request as he feels that Zatanna's magic skills make her a good candidate to become the next Dr. Fate.  Zatara offers himself as the host for Nabu if he releases Zatanna, to which Nabu agrees, effectively making Zatara the new Dr. Fate.  

Again, awesome episode of Young Justice for us Dr. Fate fans.  I love that they have made him such a big part of the show.  However, I hate the fact that they make Nabu so controlling.  But I guess that is the way he was written in the comics for a while too.  In two different scenes today, heroes wondered if they should put on the Helm to defeat what ever magic was causing the disappearances, and in both instances the heroes replied with "we're not that desperate yet."  This makes Nabu more of an anti-hero as he is forcing, almost kidnapping his host and making them do his bidding.  I hope that in future episodes they show Zatara becoming more of a willing host than being forced into the role.  However, this is very exciting because this Dr. Fate would be so incredibly powerful since Zatara was already a powerful magician.  And although, this is great for the cartoon, I hope it carries no weight for the new 52 and Dr. Fate's new imagining.  I'd like Zatara and Dr. Fate two be two separate heroes.  I think Dr. Fate works best when it is someone under the Helm that does not possess any special abilities without the Helm.  That's what makes the actual character so great, that it is the Helm, not the person who is Dr. Fate.   


  1. Young Justice is the best animated series going and I too am pleased that Dr.Fate is a big part of the show. I am tired of the possession thing though. I want to see the real Dr.Fate, Nabu.
    Why not just find a way for Nabu to join this time line?

  2. Oh and Captain marvel still acting like a 8 year old in an adult frame....ef!nnn stupid!

    Wisdom of Solomon, with wisdom comes maturity.

  3. Yeah, YJ is the best animated show right now. The animation looks really clean and I like the variety of characters showing up in the series (i.e. Dr. Fate, Zatara, Zatanna, Captain Marvel, etc).

    Also, agree on Capt. Marvel acting like a kid as an adult. They should show the change in maturity, but oh well.