Saturday, March 24, 2012

Young Justice Episode 22 "Agendas" (contains spoilers)

With its strong plot lines, character development and fantastic animation, Young Justice continues to be one of the best DC animated shows that has aired on television.  In today's show, which concentrated mostly on Superboy, the sub-plot focused on the Justice League voting to expand it's membership.  Several members, including Dr. Fate, gathered at the Watch Tower in order to vote to induct new members into the JL (including Dr. Fate).  

I have a love/hate relationship with what they are doing with Dr. Fate/Nabu in the show.  On the one hand, I love it that they include Dr. Fate so much into the show.  That is really awesome and hope that it is a sign to come in the future of the DCnU.  On the other hand I hate that they make Nabu to be almost unlikable.  I understand that this is somewhat consistent with the Dr. Fate mythos in the past with Nabu and the Lords of Order not being really so nice.  However, in the cartoon they almost make Nabu out to be a bad guy. In today's episode when they bring up Dr. Fate's membership into question, Shazam stands up (I'm going to paraphrase here) and says something to the effect of how they could consider Dr. Fate for membership when Nabu coerced Zatara into becoming Dr. Fate or else he would take Zatanna as his host.  A very valid point.  Nabu retorts with the fact that Zatara wants Dr. Fate to be a member of the JL because he wants the members to keep a close eye on Dr. Fate as he does not fully trust Nabu.  

I'm afraid that they are setting up Dr. Fate/Nabu to be eliminated from the show in the future if he does not find a willing host.  I can see someone throwing the Helmet of Fate out into space very much like Shazam did during the Infinite Crisis after Nabu died in the comics.  I hope this isn't the case and I hope that Nabu/Dr. Fate continues to be a part of the show.  I love seeing Dr. Fate become a major player in the animated DC Universe. 

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