Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dr. Fate gets inducted into the Justice League

Dr. Fate racks up another YJ appearance today, albeit a brief one, as he is inducted into the Justice League.  Dr. Fate is shown both in the beginning and in the end of the episode with the rest of the Justice League.  He did not have a speaking role today, but perhaps next episode. 


  1. Who is the guy between Plastic Man and Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow (take your pick?)

    1. That's Icon a member of Shadow Cabinet (DC/Milestone) he showed up in the pages of Justice League America #26 & 27 a couple of guarantee classic/money issues if your that type of collector.

      Icon had his own title, Icon an Rocket. Great character that's finally getting a little exposure. And I do think they made Red Arrow a member of the League to quickly it was undeserved. Bring back Kent Nelson and bring on TaskforceX.

  2. I cant wait for Fates story line to come to a head. I'm hoping that he will find a new permanent host (one from the comics, perhaps a Mr Hall) and lose a bit of the all controlling Nabu.

  3. Some earth 2 green lantern stuff.

  4. Yeah, I can't see Zatara being Dr. Fate forever. Would be cool if Kent V. Nelson shows up in the cartoon to take over the helm, but I doubt it. It's going to be interesting tho, especially since in the next episode it looks like the YJ team may be fighting the brainwashed JL. From the looks of it, each sidekick takes on their mentor, meaning Zatanna would have to fight her father who is the new Dr. Fate.