Saturday, April 21, 2012

Young Justice Auld Acquaintance Episode (some spoilers)

Today's Young Justice episode was another great one.  Dr. Fate had another small, non-speaking role, but something interesting happened when he was knocked out by the cure for the bio-weapon Vandal Savage conjured up with the help of other villains.  It would help to explain that the team was able to make an anti-virus of sorts that reversed the brainwashing effect the biological weapon had on the JL, but once delivered it knocked out whoever was infected.  Back to the interesting part with Zatana--when she noted that Dr. Fate was out cold she took the opportunity to try and get the Helmet of Nabu off of her father's head.  However, when she tried she was shocked by electricity that was obviously a safeguard.  When she realized that she could not get the helmet off, she said something to the effect of (and I'm paraphrasing here) "I can save Fate from Savage but I can't save my dad from Fate."  I can't wait until Nabu finds a more suitable candidate to wear the Helm so Dr. Fate will stop been portrayed as a sort of malevolent force for good.  I want Dr. Fate to be a good guy.  Don't get me wrong, like I said before, I love the fact that he gets so much attention on the show, I just want him to be a good guy.  Is that so much to ask?   

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  1. I totally agree. For a lord of order, he seems almost evil. The creators of this show did a great job putting a lot of emotion and pathos into that scene, and really just all of the Dr. Fate scenes in general. I have to admit, though, I kinda hated the guy when he first forced Zatara to wear the mask to save Zatanna. I mean, who would do that to a father and daughter? It would be nice to see Dr. Fate completely on the side of good, not just siding with them and then possessing one of the JLA's members. Maybe they'll show Zatara resisting the mask's influence later on, or maybe Nabu really will find a new host, like you said. Either way, it would be cool to get Zatara back. Not only will he be reunited with Zatanna, but Zatanna could then go back with the Team, where she belongs!