Sunday, April 29, 2012

Young Justice Invasion (Season 2)

Just a few quick notes about this Saturday's Young Justice episode; first of all, it was another solid episode.  This is seriously one of the best animated shows I have seen in a long time.  I liked the fact that the show went forward in time 5 years and some of the characters have progressed.  Dick Grayson is now Nightwing and Tim Drake is the new Robin, Superboy and Ms. Martian are no longer a couple, Zatanna is now a Justice League member, and there are now several new members of the Young Justice team.

On to Dr Fate.  He has a very brief appearance on the episode and I debated for a while to whether or not to add this appearance to the list I have compiled, finally opting to not include it as I have not included other small cameos on the list.  I have included other short appearances, but those appearances have had Dr. Fate on screen for more than a mere few seconds or they had some significance (i.e. Dr. Fate getting inducted into the JL).  However, since the show has gone forward into the future 5 years, it makes me wonder who is under the Helm now?  Is Zatara still Dr. Fate?  Or has Nabu chosen a new host?  I hope this gets explored in future episodes.  Until then, here is a couple of GIFs I found on the internet of this past Saturday's Dr. Fate appearance.  Enjoy!

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