Tuesday, May 29, 2012

History of Dr. Fate Part 7

History of Dr. Fate Part 7 "Flashpoint"

In an alternate reality of the Flashpoint event, we find Kent Nelson (Dr. Fate) working as a fortune teller for the famed Haley's  Circus.  Although we are not sure which Kent Nelson it is, we must assume that it is the original Kent Nelson and not his grandnephew who was the last heir to the Helm in the pre-New 52 Universe.  This version of Kent Nelson works along side Boston Brand and the Flying Graysons at the circus.  At one point, Boston confronts Kent about helping with the set up as Kent is just sitting on a chair seemingly just watching others work.  When Boston attempts to touch Kent to see if he is sleeping, Kent grabs his hand and in a different voice (presumably that of Nabu) tell Boston that he will be haunted by death.

The Amazons invade the circus in search of the Helm of Nabu and at the same time killing Dick Grayson's mother.  As they chase a group of people that includes Kent Nelson, Dick Grayson, Boston Brand and Dick's father, one of the Amazons is able to kill Kent and fatally wound Dick's father with a spear.  Dick grabs the helmet and runs away with the group who now also includes Count Vertigo.  Dick later manages to escape the Amazons with the help of a recently deceased Boston Brand.  As he encounter members of the resistance and asked his name by one of the group, Dick Grayson replies by stating that they can call him Doctor Fate.

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