Monday, May 7, 2012

News from this past weekend

This Cinco de Mayo weekend was a pretty active weekend for comic book news.  Lets start with the Comic Vine Podcast that actually occurred on Friday 5/4/12 and featured James Robinson giving more information on the new Earth 2 books.  Unfortunately, this weekend was so busy for me that I have not had a chance to listen to it, but I was told by a few twitter friends that Dr. Fate was only mentioned because they read my question I posted online.  Per Flodo Span (@GL875) Robinson's response was:  His answer is: "I can't say... But I do love Dr Fate, and that's all I can say"

I guess we will have to continue to be patient and wait for Dr. Fate to make his appearance.  I hope that it is still Kent Nelson under the Helm.  Here is the link to the pod cast: 

In other related news, DC's The New 52 free comic book issue had some pretty big developments.  It introduced The Question and Phantom Stranger (who has already appeared once before in the new Universe) to the New 52 world.  Also Earth Prime (or what ever Earth the new JL is on, I'm still confused) scientists receive a signal from Earth 2 setting up an event that could mirror past Crisis on 2 Earths type events.  It also gives a glimpse at how Alan Scott comes to receive his GL powers.  Overall it was a very exciting weekend for comic book geeks.  Also, The Avengers Movie was pretty darn cool.  

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