Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Earth 2 by James Robinson

Fans of the JSA have been waiting for this comic for months, maybe even since the beginning of The New 52 when they were left without many of their favorite characters.  Well, James Robinson did not disappoint.  The story was really incredible and focuses on the sacrifice three of Earth 2's mightiest heroes commit in order to save their world, while two others go chasing after something (they don't even know what) into another dimension or perhaps another world leaving Earth 2 without anymore superheroes.  Robinson also introduces three (perhaps four?) iconic heroes who don't know yet that they will be Earth's next defenders.

I don't know how Robinson did it but after you finish reading the story it really feels like you have read an entire graphic novel, not just a regular comic.  There is so much action and feeling packed into it that the word "epic" is really the only word to describe this comic.  Also, Nicola Scott's art is just top notch.  She does a great job of bringing Robinson's writing to life.  Overall the first issue of Earth 2 was a home run, the only way I think it would have been better for me is that if Dr. Fate had been confirmed.  But I will have to be patient and wait for Kent Nelson to find Nabu or perhaps the other way around this time.  


  1. Sounds great mate, I'm looking to getting my copy. Lets hope we can keep Scott on the title and DC don't just switch out three issues in.

  2. I really enjoyed this issue! All the references to JSAers left me screaming, "What about Kent?!?!?" Hopefully we'll see him soon!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  3. Aelle: Yeah, Scott's art is amazing.

    Shag: Hope so too! All the references were so cool.