Thursday, June 7, 2012

Earth 2 #2 Review

After reading all the accolades for Earth 2, #2 on twitter I feel like I may be the only person that didn't "love" this issue. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, and to his credit, James Robinson came back with a solid issue after such an amazing #1 story.  Maybe I am being too impatient since, after all, Mr. Robinson is building a world from scratch.  I mean, I can understand the Flash fans getting excited about their favorite character experiencing his new powers and all the hidden easter eggs were fun to look for. But the thing that bugs me, is the continuity of DC since the reboot.  Some characters seem know that this is a new timeline/dimension/world and from the looks of it, it appears that  Terry Sloan might be in on the joke.  I may be wrong but from his speech he seems to know a whole lot about what is happening.  I did enjoy his interaction with Michael Holt, and if I were to guess his "intentions" are not evil but he was planning on being this Earth's Mr. Terrific and with Holt now appearing on Earth 2 this takes away his name, almost reversing the legacy of the past in which Sloan was the first Mr. Terrific and Holt took on his name.  I hope that this is the case and Sloan is not pulling an Adrian Veidt, that would not do justice to Golden Age Mr. Terrific at all.

Like I said, I liked the issue but it didn't knock my socks off.  I enjoyed all the teases such as the Ted Grant poster and the Tyler-Chem billboard.  Also, who was the guy walking next to Jay in the alley talking about signs? Could that have been Kent Nelson? Maybe Wesley Dodd?  The appearance of Hawkgirl was cool, but not anything that really grabbed me.  Not really crazy about her redesign.  And since we all knew that this was Alan Scott's coming out party, the kiss and proposal to his boyfriend were no longer a big deal to me.  I imagine it is a momentous occasion for the Gay community, but it would have been awesome if they were able to keep this a surprise for readers.  Which, I understand in this age of technology it is almost impossible to do.

Earth 2 #2 still gets a thumbs up from me, but it is hard to compare it to that first issue which truly was a masterpiece.  Looking forward to reading more of Earth 2 and reading about how the JSA comes together.  

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