Friday, June 1, 2012

Earth 2 News & Plea to not change Dr. Fate

So after weeks of speculation it has finally been revealed that Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, will be rewritten as a gay man.  Not sure how to feel about this as on one hand what DC is doing to create diversity is awesome, but on the other hand it leaves behind a lot of his history. I see it as a good thing, but in true comic book geek fashion, I am resistant to change when it come to my favorite characters.

It also makes me fearful of the possible changes that may come to Dr. Fate.  Being that he is a C-list character (and that may be putting it generously), he is vulnerable to many changes as the masses are not really familiar with who he is.  In today's Newsarama article on the Green Lantern sexuality issue ( Robinson is quoted as saying that we should be prepared for other characters to change in race, and gender.  Also, in the Robot 6 article ( he states that Alan Scott will not be the only gay character.

I just hope that they keep Dr. Fate as a male figure.  Many months back I tweeted that this would be a great opportunity to make the person under the helm (hopefully Kent Nelson) a person of color in order to bring more diversity to Earth 2.  It would make sense due to Dr. Fate's ties with Egyptian mythology.  What I am fearful of is that they will make him a female character.  This was already tried twice, once with Linda Strauss (when Eric was killed off) and a second time with Inza Nelson.  Both times the character did not work, as evident in the fact that he was eventually made a male figure again.  I know that this may sound sexist but I want the character, my favorite character, that I loved as a kid and continue to love as an adult to stay relatively the same.  Is that too much too ask?  I guess I'll find out in a few months what my beloved Dr. Fate's fate will turn out to be, however, I am going to keep my expectations low so that I am not so disappointed with any of the changes and maybe, just maybe be pleasantly surprised with what may be changes in just a few details.  But in reading Robinson's logic of merging Alan Scott's sexuality with that of his former son Obsidian, this leaves Dr. Fate open to being changed to a female since a female has donned the helm in the past.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against female characters.  In fact some of my favorites characters are Zatanna and Stargirl.  I'm all  for more female characters in comics, especially Earth 2.  Just don't change this one character, PLEASE.


A BIG Dr. Fate fan  


  1. I'm with you. Don't change Fate into a girl. I stopped reading Justice League when your boy took the reins. All said, it would be cool if you stopped by on the every now and then. Kent Nelson is Dr.Fate.

  2. I've always thought the blue & gold color scheme better complimented darker skin. Back in the '90s, after Jared Stevens ran his course, I thought a post-Guardian John Stewart might be a good replacement. Today, I think it should be an Egyptian, because, y'know, ankhs. Also male, because we've seen lady Fates, and the suit doesn't suit a female frame as well. Let Inza have more to do, though...

  3. @Omega: Stopped by your site and subscribed. The kung-fu material is awesome!

    @Diabolu: Agree with everything you said. A spitfire, Egyptian Inza Nelson would be an interesting character. An Egyptian Dr. Fate would have a much deeper understanding of the history and arts since it's part of his culture.

    1. I saw the tower over at my spot, thanks for joining the Squad. Dr.Fate has always been one of the coolest characters ever. And I always wanted to wear the helmet, talk and learn from Nabu and be a Lord of Order (Omega Fate)....don't have the same ring to it. But Fate is my dude.

      Diabolu, I like the darkskinned Egyptian idea with the blue and gold battle suit. An all new character to take up the mantle of Dr.Fate.

  4. I also agree. A male Doctor Fate just looks better. Thats assuming they keep the classic costume.

    On a somewhat related note, I also dig the BOOKS OF MAGIC version (just the helmet, cape, and gloves if memory serves). Creepy.

    The Irredeemable Shag