Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Covers from Dr. Fate Mini-Series

Here are all the covers to Golden's 5-issue Dr. Fate mini-series featuring Hector Hall as Dr. Fate.  Love the artwork on these covers.  To me they portray everything that Dr. Fate should be: powerful, heroic, and mystical.


  1. There wasn't a single day that Hector Hall got a real, fair chance to be Dr. Fate. I was so devastated when he was killed.

  2. I loved the design for Hector , the story from the JSA books that brought about the "rebirth" of Fate was great, but I was not a big fan of the Johns wrote him after that. The hole father/son thing with Hawkman was way out of character for both of them IMO.

  3. I wasn't the biggest Hector Hall fan, but I liked him much more than Jared Stevens, Inza, and Eric and Linda Strauss. I though this mini-series was brilliant tho, I really enjoyed it. And I agree, Johns' Dr. Fate writing left much to be desired.