Monday, July 9, 2012

Earth 2 #3 Review (spoilers)

As everyone who reads my blog probably already knows, this issue got me very excited as it provided the first hint of Dr. Fate's return into the DCnU.  Apart from that, Robinson delivers another great read as his world building is now rapidly beginning to take shape.  Robinson has started to hint at the building of a superhero team, as it appears that Dr. Fate has led Hawkgirl to find the Flash in order to team up and take on this new world threat.  As one can see above, the new threat is the Man of Grey or better known as Solomon Grundy.  And we see how he will be one of Alan Scott's main enemy's as Scott is now champion of the Green (I wonder if that will later be revealed to be a part of the Starheart later or if that will be dropped all together) and Solomon is champion of the grey or the rot.  

Overall, Robinson's slow build, which is now apparently coming to ahead, has been fantastic.  He is a great story teller and is really making his run with Earth 2 alot of fun.  As a fan, I'm enjoying speculating not over when the other members will be joining, but also what they will look like and what their new origins will be like.  This issue again gets two thumbs up from me, as Robinson has now upped the ante with what looks like a much more powerful Solomon Grundy for the heroes of Earth 2 to deal with.   


  1. To be honest, I almost jumped off this title after hearing that GL would be gay (hear me out). I've never read a comic with a lead gay character and didn't know how I would receive it. I'm not a homophobe, but didn't understand the point. Decided to continue reading and it has payed off! This new take on earth 2 is familiar but very different and I'm loving it!

    Why make such a big stink about GL being gay and then kill of his lover? Do you think his lover will come back as a villain?

    This is the first time I've ever collected Grundy and this incarnation of him is another reason i'm glad i stayed on! I wonder of a crossover with Animal Man and Swampthing. Of not only a crossover but of Earth 2 Grundy lending to Grundy of Earth 1(new 52 earth). Lending, his rot properties over. I know its too soon and I'll gladly read it in the Earth 2 series!

    1. Not judging, but aren't you glad that you stuck with the book. And isn't it awesome that DC is allowing a major character to be gay? And in reality, I didn't think once about Alan Scott's sexuality while reading this issue.

      Yeah, I hope that in the future there are alot of cross overs, specially with my other favorite title JL Dark.