Thursday, July 5, 2012

Earth 2 Dr. Fate News!

Last week we had Jeff Lemire leaking on his twitter account that he tried to put Dr. Fate in his JL Dark books but was not allowed to use him.  He went on to state that he believed that Dr. Fate might be appearing elsewhere very soon.  Speculation began among DC fans that he (Dr. Fate) was reserved for James Robinson's Earth 2 books.  Will Dr. Fate fans, rejoice!  We had the first mention of Fate in yesterday's release of Earth 2 #3!

In an interaction between Jay Garrick and Hawkgirl, Jay asks how she knew where he would be.  Hawkgirl responds by saying that Fate (in bold) showed her the way.  Jay goes on to say something to the effect that he doesn't believe in fate, to which Hawkgirl again responds with "Maybe you will when you meet the guy."

Okay, it's not exactly confirmation of Dr. Fate but the hints are pretty clear that it is him.  And it looks like he is playing a major part in putting the JSA team together as he guided Hawkgirl to the Flash.  Very exciting news, can't wait to see the good Doctor again in the comics.  I wonder if he'll keep the Dr. title or will he only go by Fate now?  Wonder if it will be Kent Nelson behind the Helm of Nabu?  And if so, was it him in the alley that Jay ran into in the very first issue?  So many questions, it'll be fun finding the answers in the coming months.

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