Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Friday Post

Found this great comic strip by Fred Hembeck over at

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dr. Fate News

The Dr. Fate news keeps coming.  Yesterday Keith Callbeck (@cubreporterk) twitted that Nicola Scott confirmed that the person Jay Garrick met in an alley on Earth 2 #2 was indeed Dr. Fate!  Here is what Keith wrote:

 I asked Nicola at SDCC & she confirmed Dr Fate was the crazy guy. Just FYI.

This is what Keith is referring to:

Apparently, Keith twitted about this some time ago but I must have missed it.  So there you have it, we have had out first look at  Kent Nelson (?).  Thanks to Keith Callbeck for the confirmation.  By the way, Keith is part of the We Talk Comics podcast so please check him out at

Also thanks to @TheNew53 for the scan of Dr. Fate.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dr. Fate News

This just in!  James Robinson tweeted a few minutes ago that he finished the script to Earth 2 #9, which introduces the next E2 hero.  I have some suspicion that it might be Dr. Fate!  Here is what he wrote:

K, been up since 3ish AM. Just finished Earth 2 #9, Page 12 which is first appearance of next E2 hero. (Hint: he's magical.) 

He doesn't mention a name but we know it is a he and that "he" is magical!  James stated that the next arc of E2 would be "magic vs science" and that Dr. Fate would be making his appearance in that arc.  So it looks like we have issue no. 9 to look forward to!   

Friday, August 24, 2012

Kent Nelson is a very smart man (Fun Friday Post)

Kent earns his M.D. in record time!  I'm thinking it wasn't as hard to become a doctor back in the days.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dr. Fate Article on

I was recently asked by the staff of to write a short article on Dr. Fate.  They let me choose the subject so I decided to write briefly on the evolution of the character during his Golden Age era.  Here is the link to the article:, hope you guys enjoy it.  I did fail to mention his status as a founding member of the JSA in the article which is probably a huge omission, but I wanted to focus solely on his solo adventures/career.  I hope that you guys can forgive me neglecting the JSA part of his Golden Age time.

I want to thank Saint Walker and Midnight TCG for asking me to write the article.  I am very humbled that you thought of me and gave me this opportunity.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kent V. Nelson Custom Dr. Fate Figure

Check out this awesome custom Dr. Fate action figure sporting the Kent V. Nelson uniform.  This is beyond awesome.  Would love to have this in my collection.  Found this in the analog-inadigitalworld blog.  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

DCUO Hand of Fate DLC Pack Announced

Sony Entertainment announced the 5th DLC pack for DC Universe Online, and guess who it is featuring?!  That's right, our favorite sorcerer Dr. Fate!  The DLC pack is titled "Hand of Fate" and will also feature villain Felix Faust.

From the DCUO site:
Hand of Fate will throw players into hours of new adventures and content:
  • Utility Belt Attachments  Utility Belt Attachments will expand the trinket load-out from one to up to four slots, allowing players to equip multiple trinkets and consumables at once. All Utility Belt Attachments have at least two slots, while some also have upgradeable slots! Utility Belt Attachments give players more flexibility and options in the heat of combat without having to swap out items.
  • New Legends Characters – Hand of Fate will introduce the first arcane characters to Legends PvP. The Lord of Order, Doctor Fate and the treacherous sorcerer Felix Faust make their playable debut in Legends PvP as magic-wielding hand-blasters who conjure powerful spells and summon allies to their aid.
  • Operations – Six intense new episodes designed for group play – three Heroic and three Villainous – will be unleashed upon players under the direction of Doctor Fate and Felix Faust. Heroes will be called to help the Lords of Order protect innocent souls from the forces of darkness. Villains must complete perilous missions for Felix Faust to reap his rewards.
  • Side Missions – As players battle through the six Operations, numerous side missions will arise that take players all over Metropolis, Gotham City, and beyond, pitting them against previous adversaries and new dangers that have arisen.

The DLC pack will be available in September so all you online players be sure to check it out!

A big thanks to Firestorm Fan for the heads up on this story!  Be sure to check out his blog as well:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Reign in Hell (trade) Review

This is one of my very favorite Keith Giffen stories.  It features many (if not all) of DC's magical characters in a fierce battle to either keep a rebellion from taking power in hell or helping said rebellion change the current guard in hell.  Most characters are either forced into hell or voluntarily make the descent in to the underworld to join in the fight.  Although Doctor Fate is not one of the main characters in the book, this is an important arc for the last incarnation of Dr. Fate before the New 52, as it was Kent V. Nelson's first official outing since Gerber's Count Down to Mystery.  At this point, Kent is still learning the ways of magic and trying to figure it out on his own with minimal guidance from the helm.  

Focusing on Dr. Fate's role, he is on the side of keeping the current guard in hell which is currently ran by Neron.  Fate is initially called to a council meeting hosted by Captain Marvel (now Shazam) and attended by Detective Chimp, Zatanna, Zauriel, and of course Dr. Fate.  The meeting is to discuss whether or not they should get involved in the current war/revolution occurring in hell.  The reader is left without knowing what the decision is and eventually each character makes up their own mind as to whether or not to get involved.

Next time we see Dr. Fate, he is flying solo in hell searching for Lady Blaze who is part of the revolution.   Fate engages Lady Blaze in battle managing to defeat her by focusing his power on the amulet of anubis and leaving her badly scarred/disfigured in the process.  He is then attacked by hordes of demons who he manages to burn to a crisp with another powerful blast from the amulet.  The scene leaves Dr. Fate in amazement of what has happened.

After some time focusing on the other characters of the story, we pick up with Dr. Fate flying around hell trying to find a way home.  Dr. Fate mentions that he doesn't remember making the decision to go to hell so we don't know if he consciously made the decision, if the helm decided for him, or if he was one of the characters dragged into the fight.    Dr. Fate eventually meets up with Dr. Occult and a group of super heroes also trying to find their way home.  Dr. Fate is able to open a passage way for Dr. Occult and Nightshade to find their way home.  Once they find their way, Dr. Occult and Nightshade open the portal again to bring Dr. Fate and their comrades safely home.

Overall, this book is so much fun to read.  I've lost count of the times I've re-read it.  As I said before, the book features many of DC's magical characters so if you like that aspect of comics you will really enjoy the story.  The art work by Tom Derenick and ink by Bill Sienkiewicz is top notch.  Reign in Hell is a great book to have in your collection.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Friday Post

60's style Doctor Fate

With all his talk about mysticism and such, I always thought of Dr. Fate as a bit of a hippy.  Guess it's one more thing that draws me to the character.  I like that  this artist's rendering  of Dr. Fate is based on the Kent V. Nelson uniform.

Artwork by

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dr. Fate by Michael Atiyeh

Loved Michael Atiyeh's work on the last run of the JSA before the New 52.  I especially loved how he made Kent V. Nelson's helm look so polished.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dr. Fate Logo T-shirt

Found this t-shirt on doing a random search for Dr. Fate t-shirts.  What I like is that it's a little different from most of the stuff that other superhero online stores carry and it's not too badly priced starting at $16.85.  Haven't bought one yet, but since I'm a sucker for anything Dr. Fate, you can bet it will be hanging in my closet soon.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flashpoint Dr. Fate by Mikel Janin

Mikel Janin is one of my favorite artists.  If you haven't checked out Justice League Dark, you should definitely pick it up. The story by Jeff Lemire is great, but the art by Mikel Janin is simply amazing.  Here is his interpretation of Dr. Fate in the Flashpoint comics:

Love this picture of Kent Nelson/Dr. Fate, looking like a straight up P-I-M-P! lol

In speaking to Mr. Janin via twitter, he told me that the picture of the helm on the poster is a homage to this...

...original from Countdown to Mystery by Justiniano 

Finally, this is Kent contiplating on his visions of the Flashpoint Universe.

*Don't forget to pick up a copy of Earth 2 #4, it comes out today!