Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dr. Fate News

This just in!  James Robinson tweeted a few minutes ago that he finished the script to Earth 2 #9, which introduces the next E2 hero.  I have some suspicion that it might be Dr. Fate!  Here is what he wrote:

K, been up since 3ish AM. Just finished Earth 2 #9, Page 12 which is first appearance of next E2 hero. (Hint: he's magical.) 

He doesn't mention a name but we know it is a he and that "he" is magical!  James stated that the next arc of E2 would be "magic vs science" and that Dr. Fate would be making his appearance in that arc.  So it looks like we have issue no. 9 to look forward to!   

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  1. Correction: James hasn't finished the entire script just up to page 12, which is the first appearance of this magical hero.