Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dr. Fate News

The Dr. Fate news keeps coming.  Yesterday Keith Callbeck (@cubreporterk) twitted that Nicola Scott confirmed that the person Jay Garrick met in an alley on Earth 2 #2 was indeed Dr. Fate!  Here is what Keith wrote:

 I asked Nicola at SDCC & she confirmed Dr Fate was the crazy guy. Just FYI.

This is what Keith is referring to:

Apparently, Keith twitted about this some time ago but I must have missed it.  So there you have it, we have had out first look at  Kent Nelson (?).  Thanks to Keith Callbeck for the confirmation.  By the way, Keith is part of the We Talk Comics podcast so please check him out at

Also thanks to @TheNew53 for the scan of Dr. Fate.

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