Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flashpoint Dr. Fate by Mikel Janin

Mikel Janin is one of my favorite artists.  If you haven't checked out Justice League Dark, you should definitely pick it up. The story by Jeff Lemire is great, but the art by Mikel Janin is simply amazing.  Here is his interpretation of Dr. Fate in the Flashpoint comics:

Love this picture of Kent Nelson/Dr. Fate, looking like a straight up P-I-M-P! lol

In speaking to Mr. Janin via twitter, he told me that the picture of the helm on the poster is a homage to this...

...original from Countdown to Mystery by Justiniano 

Finally, this is Kent contiplating on his visions of the Flashpoint Universe.

*Don't forget to pick up a copy of Earth 2 #4, it comes out today!

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