Thursday, September 6, 2012

Earth 2 #0 Review

With this month's Earth 2 0 issue, we get some insight into the character of Terry Sloane who, once upon a time, was the original Mr. Terrific and now goes by Mr. 8.  I enjoyed the issue, however, I also had a major issue with it as well.  Major issue being that Terry Sloan is now basically the Watchmen's Ozymandias. Terry Sloane, who once had a unique origin story, is basically a clone of a great original character with a unique story.  The similarities are just too much for me not to immediately relate this new Sloane with the character of Adrian Veidt: world's smartest man, wealthy, knows and uses his comrades' weaknesses against them, alone plots to save the world by doing a terrible deed for the greater good.  Not that it is not a good story, it's just that it has been done, and done really well.  I knew that this plot point was coming, however, it still left me quite disappointed.

On the up side, Robinson did leave some clues and hints that actually left more questions than answers.  For instance, in Sloane's travels to other dimensions and looking into possible future's we see what appears to be  today's Mr. Terrific killing or at least defeating Alan Scott in battle.  Sloane also states that he will not mention one of the Eight wonders for reasons that are undisclosed.  Early internet rumors had it that the unmentionable wonder may be Steppenwolf, but it is highly unlikely, as Sloane mentions his name several times during his narrative.  

Overall, the story was decent.  It didn't knock my socks off, and actually left me a bit disappointed with the seemingly amalgamation of the character of Adrian Veidt and Terry Sloane.  However, Robinson did what most good story tellers do, he left me wanting to know more.  I want to know more about these other dimensions Sloane traveled to, what he may know about the future, and will he ever be able to redeem himself.    

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