Friday, September 21, 2012

Ozymandias Nod to Dr. Fate

Next week's Ozymandias variant cover by Massimo Carnevale shows Adrian Veidt striking a pose very familiar to our favorite Lord of Order.  Check it out:

Here we see Ozymandias standing in front of a wall filled with writing in hieroglyphics, which is not out of character for him as his superhero persona is based on an Egyptian king and he is very much interested in the ancient Egyptian culture.  However, something that is out of character here is  him seemingly evoking a spell of some sort very much like Dr. Fate would.  However, instead of the Ankh symbol, he is manifesting the Eye of Osiris.  At closer inspection, one notices Veidt pressing on his collar which appears to be lighting up the eye hieroglyph on the collar and thus conjuring the symbol.  So, it is technology and not magic that appears to be making the Eye of Osiris appear.  Still the art is very reminiscent of Dr. Fate.  judge for yourselves:  

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