Sunday, October 7, 2012

Earth 2 No. 5 Review (Contains spoilers)

Apart from Earth 2 #1, this was the best issue of the series thus far.  Definitely one of the funnest to read.  The book was filled with action, lots of name dropping, and the appearance of one of the original JSA members Wesley Dodds aka The Sandman!  

Let's start with Wesley Dodds who makes his first appearance in the very first panel of this issue.  When I first read the comic, I wasn't too crazy about his new look.  But after a couple or reads, I have to give credit to Nicola Scott who really did keep the basic look of the Sandman's gasmask.  I'm still not crazy about the entire costume, but he does have the classic gasmask which is very cool.  I guess, it wouldn't make much sense to have Dodds running around in a fedora hat in the year 2012.  Still, I will always love his classic look.

On to the action in the book, Robinson really picks up the pace as the two wonders (Flash and Hawkgirl) duel with the Atom believing Grundy has been neutralized.  This proves to be false as Grundy manages to regenerate himself and envelop the Atom in his death vines.  That's when The Green Lantern steps in to the rescue and subdues Grundy temporarily as the Flash and Hawkgirl rescue the Atom.    The Green Lantern gets the wonders to stop fighting and team up to protect his physical body as he astral projects into a different realm to connect with the Grey in order to attempt to stop Grundy's attack.  The book ends with the Grey attempting to manipulate Scott into joining their side by seemingly bringing his recently deceased love back from the dead.

In the midst of all the action we are introduced to Kahn who appears to be the commander of the World Army.  As he speaks to the World Council, a familiar face in the form of Terry Sloan, barges into his central command and it is revealed that Sloan has been advising the council on the situation.  On Sloan's advise, the council orders a nuclear attack on Washington DC in another attempt to kill Grundy.  We are left with a double cliffhanger for the next issue as the wonders now have to not only deal with Grundy and the Grey, but also with the incoming nuclear missiles. 

Names of classic Earth 2 characters were dropped left and right throughout the comic.  Ted Grant, Captain Steel, and Red Tornado were all mentioned as Robinson's Earth 2 continues to expand.  As I stated before, this was probably the funnest read of the series thus far.  Two very big thumbs up for Earth 2 #5.  Looking forward to the conclusion of this arc with next month's issue.  

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