Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: Justice Society Volume 1

Today's feature review is of the Justice Society Volume 1 trade which collects adventures of the JSA during the 70's pre-crisis period.  I believe that this collection is what introduced the "legacy character" idea as most of the original team is now growing old and new life-blood is introduced to the society in the form of Star-spangled Kid and Power Girl.  Star-Spangled Kid being the protege of the original Starman and Power Girl is Superman's cousin.  At this point Superman is near retirement and his other identity, Clark Kent is now the Chief Editor of the Daily Star.  Also, Batman has retired and Bruce Wayne is now Gotham's Police Commissioner.  

The stories are alot of fun to read.  They are mostly written by Paul Levitz and Gerry Conway.  One thing I love about the way the stories read, is the way that Dr. Fate's character is written.  In the stories he speaks with a significant amount of authority and at times appears to be the leader of the group although Hawkman is the official leader.  In the stories, when Dr. Fate speaks, everyone listens.  Also, the art by Keith Giffen is classic.  Again, love the classically drawn Dr. Fate by either Keith Giffen or Walt Simonson, and this book of course has plenty of Giffen's Dr. Fate artwork.  

If you are a fan of the JSA you really owe it to yourself to pick up this book.  It is a really fun read.  It is not as dark as today's stories, but instead genuinely a fun read.    

*Don't forget to pick up your issue of Earth 2 # 5, it's out in stores today!

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