Friday, November 2, 2012

ToF One Year Anniversary!

Today is the Tower of Fate Blog's One Year Anniversary!  A big thanks to everyone who checks the site regularly.  It's been an entire year without a Dr. Fate story in the DC Universe, but to all the Dr. Fate fans I hope I have been able to fill the void somewhat.  Also, keep your heads up because James Robinson (writer for the Earth 2 series) has hinted that the good Doctor will be returning very soon.  With that I'll leave you with some of the more popular posts that most people seem to check out:

Which Dr. Fate Will We Get in DC's New 52?

A Comparison of the Assyrian Mythology of Nabu and the DC Mythology of Nabu

Dr. Fate Cosplay

Live Action Dr. Fate from Smallville's "Absolute Justice"

Ksenia Solo, Inza Nelson Doppelganger

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