Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Since this February is not only Dr. Fate's re-introduction into the DCnU but also Wotan's, I thought I'd put the spot light on Dr. Fate's mortal enemy today.  Wotan was the first evil doer that Fate battles and has since been the Doctor's primary arch-villain.  Although, he has not appeared in the comics in recent years, Wotan has appeared in form of small cameos in the Young Justice cartoons.  Wotan also battled Dr. Fate and Batman in an episode of Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon.

Wotan is an evil sorcerer of great power, who, as Dr. Fate finds out, cannot be killed.  Wotan has plagued not only Kent Nelson, but his wife Inza, over the years.  Both Kent and Inza have had to deal with Wotan in their respective Dr. Fate states.  

Here is Wotan taking Inza prisoner and making the good Doctor's life difficult way back in the 40's.

Wotan's Who's Who description.

It's fitting that both Dr. Fate and Wotan be reintroduced together into the DCnU as they were both introduced in the very first Dr. Fate arc in More Fun Comics.  It's nice that James Robinson is giving nods to the original Golden Age stories while putting a modern twist on the stories.  

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