Monday, December 10, 2012

A Few Thoughts On The New Dr. Fate

Well, we've been somewhat formally introduced to James Robinson's version of the New 52 Dr. Fate and I thought I'd write down some of my thoughts about the latest incarnation of my favorite character.

Here's what we know:

-His name is Khalid and appears to be of Middle Eastern descent.  He doesn't appear to be of the Nelson family line anymore and I am okay with that, although we still haven't heard his last name as of yet.  Changing Dr. Fate's ethnicity is something that I advocated early on in both my twitter account and later on this blog.  Hopefully he is a native Egyptian, that would be way cool.  Besides, Kent Nelson will always be the original Dr. Fate and no amount of reboots can change that.  I am prepared for a fresh start with Khalid, but K. Nelson and his Grand Nephew Kent V. Nelson will always have a special place in my heart.
-Even if Khalid is not Egyptian, from the cover of Earth 2 #10 it looks like Dr. Fate will still have connections to Egyptian/Assyrian mythology as evidenced by the large ankh shining down on the characters.  This is awesome!!!  I was hoping Dr. Fate would still be affiliated with Egyptian/Assyrian magic, and looks like James Robinson was thinking the same.
-Khalid is terrified of becoming Dr. Fate but will come to terms with his destiny.  I think this is a HUGE hint at the fact that the possession element of Dr. Fate will remain in tact.  However, is it still Nabu doing the possessing?  Or some other deity?  And is that deity a Lord of Order?  The possession element to me is kind of take it or leave it.  I have seen different versions of Fate and the possession element was not always a part of the character so I was okay with whatever direction JR wanted to take it.

What we don't know/What I'd like to see:

-What does Dr. Fate look like in costume?  We've seen what Khalid looks like, but we have yet to see Dr. Fate's new redesign.  I'm hoping that the good Doctor continues to have the iconic full helm.  As a kid, his look was so different and is what initially drew me to the character.  I'm also hoping for the same color scheme and that he has artifacts that draw power from other deities (i.e. Amulet of Anubis).  And like a fellow comic twitterer (is that the correct terminology) stated, I'd like to see him look more like a sorcerer than a superhero. (sorry forgot who said that)
-Do the Lords of Order exist?  Another Dr. Fate element that I enjoy but can take or leave.  But it will be interesting to see what is done about that.  Also, is whichever deity is doing the possession to transform Khalid into Dr. Fate a Lord of Order?
-How much control will Khalid have as Dr. Fate?  I'd really like to have [Nabu] be more of an adviser and have Khalid have control than a full possession.
-What about Inza?  Inza has been a part of the Doctor Fate mythology since day one and an improtant one at that.  Even in the '40s she was written in the role of a strong woman who has always been more of a partner to Dr. Fate rather than just a love interest.  I would really hate to see that part of the Dr. Fate story line be put to rest and would love to see Inza return to the side of Dr. Fate this time as Khalid's soul mate.

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