Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dr. Fate News

Big news on twitter yesterday!  In case you missed out on some of the twitter conversations yesterday, I was honored to have James Robinson reply to my "Thoughts on the New Dr. Fate" post.  These are some of the news he dropped yesterday:

Thanks for the blog piece  and for the record, Kent Nelson will be an important person in Khalid's life/past/education and-

-- Yes , may your hopes be calmed -- Dr. Fate will wear the full helmet. In fact I think 's reinterpretation of --

-- The costume while retaining all the cool elements of the original to be quite brilliant. 

So HUGE news for Dr. Fate fans from the man himself, thank you so much JR!!  Just to recap:

-Kent Nelson will still be attached to the Dr. Fate character
-Dr. Fate will retain the full helm and most of the original elements of his iconic costume
-Brett Booth was confirmed as the artist that is redesigning the New 52 Dr. Fate

All around great news!  Could not be any happier!  Now, it's just playing the waiting game until Earth 2 # 9 comes out this February.  Thanks again to James Robinson for all the information!


  1. Very cool. Have loved Doctor Fate ever since I first encountered him in an issue of All-Star Squadron back in 1983. Given that Earth 2 seems to be more heavily influenced by magic than the main DCU, it will be interesting to see just how important a character Dr. Fate becomes in this new universe.

  2. That's awesome news! I sure do wish, though, that the artist of the book was given the control over his design. I love me some Nicola Scott!

  3. That's fantastic news! James Robinson played a role in reinventing Doctor Fate for the Hector Hall version, so I have faith this one will be great too!

    The Irredeemable Shag