Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Power of Fate (more Dr. Fate news)

Some really exciting news from Newsarama and Comicbookresources, both of which sat down and spoke with James Robinson about the upcoming arc on Earth 2.  The interview on Comic Book Resources revealed that the next arc will be titled "The Power of Fate."    Even more exciting, in the Newsarama article James reveals the following about Dr. Fate:

Robinson: The next arc will show the man who will become Dr. Fate, it will establish whey he doesn't want to be Dr. Fate, and why it terrifies him actually.
We'll also integrate Wotan into the DC Universe. He's one of Dr. Fate's archenemies, and we'll keep elements of what he was like in the past while making him fresh and interesting. 
Robinson hasn't revealed if it will be Kent Nelson reprising the role of Dr. Fate of another person, but being that most of the characters have kept their original names, I am betting on Kent Nelson being the man.  Only a couple of more months until our questions are answered. 

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  1. BTW I'm thinking the possession element of Dr. Fate will remain intact since [Kent] is terrified of becoming Dr. Fate.