Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Crisis is Brewing in the DC Universe

Just a warning, this post contains possible major spoilers so read at your own risk.

If you have not read yesterday's Justice League Dark issue, you will definitely want to pick it up.  It is setting up something that is quite possibly HUGE for old school JSA fans and fans of DC's supernatural/mystic heroes.  If you have not been keeping up with JL Dark, let me catch you up to speed very quickly: Constantine's obsession over the Books of Magic led to the team recruiting Timothy Hunter in order locate the books.  Once the books were located and opened, they transported Timothy and Zatanna to a different world that is ruled by science and magic is outlawed.  The JL Dark team has now traveled to said world in order to rescue their teammates, but have found that the world has a strange effect on their powers.  Now the portal that was opened in order for the team to travel from the main DC Earth (Earth Prime or Earth 1) is causing a huge disturbance between the said worlds leaving us with a cliff hanger and this to look forward to:

Why is that a big deal?  Because it is an obvious reference to this:

That's right, it looks like Earth 2 is going to have their first major crossover with the main DC Universe!  Now, the title of the next JL Dark story says it is a crisis on two worlds, which one would imagine it is between this new world where magic is outlawed and the main Earth.  However, many months ago, James Robinson stated that the next arc of Earth 2 is Science vs Magic so that fits in right with this JL Dark arc.  Also, in a response to a tweet I sent him, James Robinson sent me the following tweet:

Thanks  but don't get too excited. This is just the prologue. Big things in Issues 11 and 12. Plus surprise characters in 11.

 James mentions surprise characters in Earth 2 # 11, could that be the JL Dark team?  If I'm correct in my assumptions, the next few months are going to be very fun for fans of Earth 2, and Justice League Dark!

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