Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Doctor Fate Design Revealed!

Here it is folks, take it all in!  The design by Brett Booth is breathtaking!

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The new design is very reminiscent of the Young Justice design which is more than alright by me.  I love that Brett Booth kept all of the original elements of Dr. Fate but still managed to give him a bad-ass new look.  The detail on his belt looks fantastic as does the armor looking boots and gloves.  If this is the cover to April's Earth 2 issue I may have to buy at least three copies.  One to read, one to keep in perfect condition, and one to possibly make a poster out of the front cover for my cubicle at work.  Cannot wait till 2/6/13, when we finally see him in action.

*24 days left until Dr. Fate's return.


  1. ...and black. Always with the black. I really liked the light blue and gold combination. Could be much worse, though. At least he doesn't have an ankh tattooed over one eye, a mullet, and streaming gauze wrapped around one arm.

    1. I don't think it's black. It's probably more of a navy blue that looks darker because of the light coming from the background. I also like the dark outline along the outside of his cape.

    2. I stand corrected, Dr. Fate's colors are now Black and Gold.

  2. It could be worse, but it could be better. I'm grateful that the helmet is still, well, a helmet, and I guess the rest fits in with the over-drawn scribbles that make up all of the New-52 costumes.

    If only -- oh, if only! -- DC would see the error of their ways DECORATING characters' costumes with too many lines and too many pieces and instead DESIGN characters costumes to ensure artists could quickly and accurately draw the character. Look at Doctor Fate in Superman: The Animated Series. A perfect model of simplicity!

  3. I think the design looks great. If they have a good take on the character I might have to start reading Earth 2 again.