Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One More Week!

We are officially one week away from Dr. Fate's reintroduction into the DCnU!!!

Now we know that this is a HUGE deal for me and for other Dr. Fate fans, but with the good doctor's return just one week away, I have some questions about the implications of his return.

1) Will his return be felt, not only on Earth 2, but across the DC Universe? (i.e. will the Phantom Stranger become aware of his presence?)  

2) Being that he is one of the more powerful mystical beings in the DC Universe, will he have some involvement in the Trinity War?  Will this be the first of many "Crisis on Multiple Earths"?

3) What about Wotan?  He is a powerful mystical being on his on right.  Will he play a role in the upcoming Trinity War?


  1. I'm really hoping Earth 2 doesn't get involved in Trinity War. I'd like it to stay in its own separate universe, unaffected by all the crossover shenanigans that go on in the other books.

    1. Craig, hate to spoil it for you but maybe you should stay away from Justice League Dark and Earth 2 for the next few issues if you don't wanna see a crossover event with Earth 2. Will post more tomorrow ;) It's actually really exciting if you're an old school JSA fan, and a fan of of DC's mystical characters.

  2. Well, I'm already reading both books anyway, so that's a plus. I was hoping that Earth 2 would be able to stand on its own a bit more though. However, given that Amaya (Amethyst? Amy?) from Sword of Sorcery has crossed over from another world (Gemworld or whatever its called) to join Justice League Dark for a few issues, and Constantine is making appearances in Sword of Sorcery, it does make sense for more magical characters from other worlds/realms/universes (in this case, Dr. Fate) to join the team as well.