Monday, January 14, 2013

Remembering Kent Nelson the Original Dr. Fate

We are marching closer and closer to the return of Dr. Fate into the DCnU universe.  I, for one, cannot wait and am looking forward to seeing Dr. Fate not only in a new uniform but with a whole new secret identity.  However, I felt that we should take a moment of silence to remember the very first person to wear the helm and gave up his youth and chance at a regular life to become Dr. Fate: Kent Nelson.  I chose the following panels to remember the character just to show how much he gave up and because in a sense he has passed and there is a new kid on the block that will wear the mantle of Fate.  So here it is; remember those times that Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) died?:

I love the epitaph on the grave of Kent Nelson from the 4 part mini-series in the 80's.  It says it all.  Luckily, we won't totally have to say good by to Kent Nelson, because as James Robinson stated earlier, Kent will continue to be in a mentor role for Khalid!  Very exciting stuff!  

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