Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Faces of Dr. Fate by Brett Booth

If you guys haven't checked out Brett Booth's blog lately ( you should make the cyber-trip there immediately!  He posted more on the Dr. Fate design along with the original version before the edits.

I gotta say, he did an excellent job with the design.  Some people have complained about it being too detailed but I for one love the detail.  I agree with Brett when he says that "Egyptian designs were intricate and beautiful" and that Dr. Fate should reflect that complexity.  Brett goes on to say "Simple is fine, but Fate is complex, ancient and otherworldly, he should reflect that."  Couldn't agree with Mr. Booth more.  

With that said here are some of the great designs:

Awesome look at the Doctor's profile.  Love the engraving of wings and the Eye of Horus on the Helm.

The original redesign, which may have been a bit busy. Love the 3rd eye looking dot on the helm.

The final design in Dr. Fate's original colors.  Simply amazing.  I love this design.

The final cut.  Like Mr. Booth, I wish they kept the original blue and gold, but I gotta admit, the black and gold looks pretty cool.

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with the new design.  The detail on the helm and belt plate looks amazing.  Love the engraving on the helm.  It really is just fantastic.  Again, you can see more on Brett Booth's blog 


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