Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Earth 2 #9 Review


I have mixed feelings about this issue, mostly because it wasn't what I expected so it left me a bit disappointed.  However, that is not to say that it wasn't good.  It was actually a really well written issue that continues James Robinson's building of Earth 2.  And to be fair, in a tweet, James told me not to get too excited as this was more of a prologue.  However, I was hoping to see Khalid Ben-Hassin (we now know his last name) don the Helmet of Fate and become Dr. Fate.  That did not happen in this issue, and judging by the upcoming covers, it may not happen until # 11.  So Fate fans, hang in there, he is coming!  

So let's get to the good parts of the comic!  We get to see Sonia Sato (Judo Master) for the first time as an officer in the World Army, and she even takes out the Flash with a high side kick, which was awesome.  We also get a glimpse at the new Tower of Fate which is located in a realm of magic, and that Khalid refers to as Nabu's Realm.

The Tower has more definition now and has a very ancient look to it.  I like it, makes it look like more of a temple and hence more mystical.  We also meet Wotan for the first time.


Sorry about the pictures, but photobucket is being an asshole and not letting me edit them.  Anyhow, I also have mixed feelings about Wotan's new look.  I like that they got rid of the hair horns, and instead made the horns as part of the cape, but I wish they had kept the facial hair.  Don't see the need to make him look younger.  As part of his reveal, Wotan says that he is part of an organization seeking to augment its control over magic, leaving one to wonder who or what this organization is? 

Another cool thing that happened in this issue was having Wesley Dodds wear his iconic hat and trench coat, even if it was for just one panel:

Again, sorry about the pictures, blame photobucket for not letting me edit.

Now for the things that I didn't like; apart from being disappointed at not actually seeing Dr. Fate I thought the issue was really well done.  It moved along quickly and had a fair amount of action with a huge reveal at the end.  The one thing that bothers me a bit is Khalid's contempt of Nabu.  I understand Kent Nelson's and Hector Hall's contempt because there was history there, but Khalid was recently chosen.  I understand him being afraid, but feel like the contempt is a bit premature.  

All, in all it was a good issue.  James Robinson seems to be building up the suspense and lore of Dr. Fate so when he finally appears, his presence will be that much more significant.

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