Friday, March 29, 2013

Dr. Fate's Mystic Spells

Remember when Dr. Fate used to cast mystic spells?  He would evoke different gods to assist him.  His powers seemed a whole lot more mystical than just ankh shaped energy beams shooting from his hands.

As a novice, even Kent V. Nelson would rattle off spells, despite the fact he had no idea of what he was saying. 

Well, it looks like next week we will be seeing the good Doctor doing the same types of evocations and incantations in Earth 2 # 11.  James D. Robinson has stated in a few interviews that Dr. Fate will not only be using the ankh as his main symbol/weapon but that he would also be evoking different gods and spells as part of his magic powers.  This is great, because although we have an all new Dr. Fate, he has a very old school feel to him.  Very excited for next week, should be a lot of fun to see Dr. Fate in action once more.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dr. Fate Art

Happy New Comic Book Day everyone!  We are one week from officially seeing Dr. Fate back in the pages of DC Comics!  To celebrate here is a great rendering of the new Earth 2 Dr. Fate by Ayhelen Kagner.  She submitted the drawing to me through the ToF facebook page.

You can check out more of Ayhelen's artwork at 

Monday, March 25, 2013

DC Announces Infinite Crisis Video Game

How cool is this?  An Infinite Crisis Multiple-Player Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game.  Right now it is on it's beta stages but should be released to the general public shortly.  The game will explore the different Earths in DC's 52 multiverse.  No word yet of an Earth 2, but surely it has to be included, right?  So far the worlds that have been released are DC's Prime Earth, a nightmare Earth, and a steam punk Earth.  Looks to be alot of fun, and as always, I am hoping Dr. Fate will be a part of the game.  Check out the following links for more info:

And here is the trailer to the game:

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why Diversity is Needed in Today's Comics

It seems that there has been some, but granted, not a whole lot of backlash with regards to Dr. Fate having a new identity.  I for one, am completely in favor of Dr. Fate being a native Egyptian and have advocated for that being the case since the announcement of an Earth 2 book in the New 52 universe.  Although it pains me to see one, well, actually two of my favorite characters go in Kent Nelson and his grandnephew Kent V. Nelson, below I give you evidence of why such diversity is needed.

This is from one of the original Dr. Fate comics from the 40's and/or 50's. Don't know if you have noticed what is wrong with the picture yet, but if not let me point it out below.

If you didn't notice it right away, please take a look at the panel above.  It depicts an African-American baggage handler in a less than flattering way.  In fact, it is outright racist.  This is part of comic book history.

Now, of course, things are much different now.  But that being so, the majority of heroes are still Caucasian and still very much American.  James Robinson is doing a great job of changing this in his re-building of Earth 2, and I applaud him for it.  Some are saying that this is change, just for change sake.  I counter with, why is a superhero  entrenched so deeply in Egyptian mythology a blonde haired, blue eyed person?  And again, I must reiterate that Kent Nelson and his nephew Kent V. Nelson are two of my very favorite characters of all time.  That being said, I am so glad that Mr. Robinson is giving us diversity in this new world.  I also enjoyed Superman's revelation in the last Injustice comic, where he goes to the Middle East and saves a boy and his town from a bombing from their own president.  He tells the boy and the towns' people that he is sorry, that he hasn't been there and that he should have always been there.  I loved that, because right away, that made Superman a more global character just like when he renounced his U.S. citizenship years ago.  The world is a much smaller and diverse place now, and I am glad that comics are reflecting this.  Bravo Mr. Robinson, and bravo DC Comics!  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dr. Fate Helping Supergirl Heal

Really enjoy these scans for a couple of reasons.  First off, it is really cool to see Kent V. Nelson in the traditional Dr. Fate costume.  Although I really liked his version of the Dr. Fate costume, I always enjoy nods to classic material.  Second of all, working in the mental health field as both a social worker and clinical hypnotist, I like the banter that goes on between Kara and the holographic Kent V. Nelson.  I especially like the concept of acceptance, as that is something I work with a whole lot with many of my hypnosis clients.  A big thanks to for putting these pages up on the net.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Friday Post

This is one of my favorite episodes of Batman the Brave and the Bold.  Brave and the Bold was a fun show, but in my opinion, this was one of the series' funnest episodes.  It's titled "Crisis 22,300 Miles Above the Earth" and it features most of the JSA.

In this episode the JLI invite the JSA for a meet and greet type party and hilarity ensues.  The JSA are depicted as cranky old men set in their ways, who believe the JLI are almost a mockery of what they used to be.  The entire show is funny, but Aquaman truly steals the show.  No matter how hard Johns' tries to make Aquaman a bad ass, the best version of the character will forever be this series' version, at least in my eyes.  If you haven't checked out this episode, I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dr. Fate News

Sad news.  It looks like Dr. Fate will not be a playable character in the Injustice Gods Among Us video game and will be relegated to just being a background prop for one of the stages.  I'm taking this from an interaction I had with Ed Boon on twitter were I jokingly asked if the Dr. Fate game play was saved for next week.  Mr. Boon replied with a joking tweet saying "Um... yea.... yea lets go with that", hinting that there will be no Dr. Fate playable mode, at least in the initial game.  We can at least hope for a DLC pack in the future either featuring Earth 2 characters or magical characters that he could possibly show up in.

So, for now, this is all we have to look forward to of Dr. Fate in Injustice.  Let's hope that changes in the future.

Dr. Fate Art

Didn't take too long before artists started making new images of the New 52 Dr. Fate.  Here is a great image by wanderlei78 on

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dr. Chaos?

As one can see, Dr. Chaos is the opposite of Dr. Fate.  His costume is identical to that of Dr. Fate's but the colors are reversed, and instead of the helm housing a Lord of Order, it is instead the home of a Lord of Chaos.  The helm was found by Burt Belker, in the Ur Valley of Earth 1 (Dr. Fate's home is in the parallel world, Earth 2).  When Burt donned the Helm he became an agent of Chaos.

Surprisingly, Dr. Chaos is not an enemy of Dr. Fate, but instead appeared in the pages of, and was defeated by, Superboy.  I believe Dr. Chaos was a one-shot villain as I don't think he ever appeared again after his defeat by Superboy.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Earth 2 #10 Review

I honestly don't know where to start my review of Earth 2 # 10.  The entire issue was just phenomenal!  I can't decide what I like best: James Robinson's story telling or Nicola Scott's art.  This is just an all around great issue.

Well, let's start with the art of this tale of The Tower of Fate.  Honestly, I think this is Nicola Scott's best work.  Look at the detail of the hieroglyphics in the panel below.  It really is just gorgeous.
Or join Khalid and Jay in taking their first look inside the Tower of Fate:
A few things I really like about this artwork: 1) the complexity of it, it really is almost overwhelming; 2) the mix of mythological genres.  We can see Assyrian influence as well as Egyptian influence inside of the tower. Last but not least: 3) I don't know if Scott did this in purpose but the structure above Khalid looks alot like the Tower of Fate of old (just upside down).  I almost wonder if she did it as a nod to the classic tower.

On to the story telling.  James Robinson is really making Dr. Fate's story very compelling.  I find my self very vested in both Khalid as well as Dr. Fate.  In the following panel we see Mr. Robinson building the mythos of both Nabu and the Tower of Fate:
Dr. Fate's story is very complex and I am enjoying every minute of it.  The use of different historical myths, and the suspense building up to Dr. Fate is awesome.  And although we still don't get to see Khalid transform fully into Dr. Fate we do get this one-panel tease of him donning the Helm for the first time:
All in all this issue was a home run, rolled up in a slam dunk, mixed with a touch down and every other cliche that I can think of to describe how awesome this issue was.  I CANNOT wait till next month when Khalid finally embraces his fate and dons the Helmet of Nabu.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tower of Fate Continues Today

Don't forget to pick up your copy of Earth 2 today as Dr. Fate's origin story continues in today's issue!

Monday, March 4, 2013

USA Article on the New Dr. Fate and Earth 2

This is a fantastic article from USA Today that focuses on the new Dr. Fate of Earth 2.  I gotta say, the article made me very happy.  I love all the changes that James Robinson has done with the re-imagining of Dr. Fate including Brett Booth's visual re-design of the character's costume.  As a huge Dr. Fate fan I honestly could not be any happier with the changes and what Mr. Robinson has planned for the character.  So, I'm sending a big THANK YOU to James Robinson for all the awesome changes to Dr. Fate while keeping the basic traits of the character almost unchanged.  I am so looking forward to this Wednesday and to all the upcoming issues of Earth 2 to come.

Here is the link to the USA Today article and Earth 2 preview:

Dr. Fate's First Ever Appearance

This week continues Earth 2's arc dedicated to the origin of the new Dr. Fate.  So in honor of this, I give you Dr. Fate's first ever appearence in the pages of More Fun Comics.

In this panel we have Inza being attacked by a man under Wotan's mind control.  She screams out for Dr. Fate.  However, before we see the actual character we see a dark cloud appear and get to "hear" his voice for the first time.

From that cloud Dr. Fate emerges to rescue both Inza and the brainwashed attacker.  I love this first appearance because the set up is so cinematic.  I can totally see this happening on a movie screen.

And finally we get Dr. Fate's official introduction.