Friday, March 29, 2013

Dr. Fate's Mystic Spells

Remember when Dr. Fate used to cast mystic spells?  He would evoke different gods to assist him.  His powers seemed a whole lot more mystical than just ankh shaped energy beams shooting from his hands.

As a novice, even Kent V. Nelson would rattle off spells, despite the fact he had no idea of what he was saying. 

Well, it looks like next week we will be seeing the good Doctor doing the same types of evocations and incantations in Earth 2 # 11.  James D. Robinson has stated in a few interviews that Dr. Fate will not only be using the ankh as his main symbol/weapon but that he would also be evoking different gods and spells as part of his magic powers.  This is great, because although we have an all new Dr. Fate, he has a very old school feel to him.  Very excited for next week, should be a lot of fun to see Dr. Fate in action once more.  

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