Thursday, March 7, 2013

Earth 2 #10 Review

I honestly don't know where to start my review of Earth 2 # 10.  The entire issue was just phenomenal!  I can't decide what I like best: James Robinson's story telling or Nicola Scott's art.  This is just an all around great issue.

Well, let's start with the art of this tale of The Tower of Fate.  Honestly, I think this is Nicola Scott's best work.  Look at the detail of the hieroglyphics in the panel below.  It really is just gorgeous.
Or join Khalid and Jay in taking their first look inside the Tower of Fate:
A few things I really like about this artwork: 1) the complexity of it, it really is almost overwhelming; 2) the mix of mythological genres.  We can see Assyrian influence as well as Egyptian influence inside of the tower. Last but not least: 3) I don't know if Scott did this in purpose but the structure above Khalid looks alot like the Tower of Fate of old (just upside down).  I almost wonder if she did it as a nod to the classic tower.

On to the story telling.  James Robinson is really making Dr. Fate's story very compelling.  I find my self very vested in both Khalid as well as Dr. Fate.  In the following panel we see Mr. Robinson building the mythos of both Nabu and the Tower of Fate:
Dr. Fate's story is very complex and I am enjoying every minute of it.  The use of different historical myths, and the suspense building up to Dr. Fate is awesome.  And although we still don't get to see Khalid transform fully into Dr. Fate we do get this one-panel tease of him donning the Helm for the first time:
All in all this issue was a home run, rolled up in a slam dunk, mixed with a touch down and every other cliche that I can think of to describe how awesome this issue was.  I CANNOT wait till next month when Khalid finally embraces his fate and dons the Helmet of Nabu.  


  1. This issue was definitely better than the last one and Earth-2 continues to be my favorite DC title out right now. I think the story and plot is good, but the dialogue is the weak point. So much exposition dialogue just kind of plastered there in a very clunky way.