Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Friday Post

This is one of my favorite episodes of Batman the Brave and the Bold.  Brave and the Bold was a fun show, but in my opinion, this was one of the series' funnest episodes.  It's titled "Crisis 22,300 Miles Above the Earth" and it features most of the JSA.

In this episode the JLI invite the JSA for a meet and greet type party and hilarity ensues.  The JSA are depicted as cranky old men set in their ways, who believe the JLI are almost a mockery of what they used to be.  The entire show is funny, but Aquaman truly steals the show.  No matter how hard Johns' tries to make Aquaman a bad ass, the best version of the character will forever be this series' version, at least in my eyes.  If you haven't checked out this episode, I highly recommend it.

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