Monday, April 1, 2013

Dr. Fate Unmasked

Last month, on the week of the Earth 2 issue release, I gave you Dr. Fate's first ever appearance in the pages of More Fun comics.  This time around I give you the first appearance of Kent Nelson, Dr. Fate's first secret identity and the first man to wear the Helm of Fate.

It is interesting that when Dr. Fate was first written by Gardner Fox, there was no origin story.  In fact, Dr. Fate's origin story changed a few times before the official story that stuck was introduced.  At first, Dr. Fate was described as a student who had mastered the ancient mystical arts, then, in the pages of All-Star comics, he tells Johnny Thunder that he was not born a man but instead created by the gods.  The second story made Dr. Fate more god-like than human.  Finally, after unmasking in front of Inza, after several different adventures together, he goes on to tell the story of Nabu.

It's interesting that in James Robinson's retelling of the Dr. Fate origin, he is working backwards from the original first appearance of Dr. Fate.  In Mr. Robinson's Dr. Fate story, we have met Khalid for several issues now but have not seen Dr. Fate.  Where as, in the original we meet Dr. Fate but do not meet his "secret identity" until quite a few stories later.

So with that, I give you the first time Dr. Fate took the Helm off in front of Inza and the rest of the world.

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