Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Earth 2 #11 Review (Contains Spoilers)

*Warning this is a Dr. Fate heavy review and does contain spoilers*

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment has arrived!  Dr. Fate is officially part of the DCnU!!!!  In Earth 2 #11, brilliantly written by James Robinson and masterfully illustrated by Nicola Scott, Dr. Fate finally made his way onto Earth 2.

As one can imagine, this issue was pure heaven for me as it was all about Dr. Fate and the world he inhabits.  It begins with Wotan telling the tale of why he wants Nabu's Helmet and of the defeat Nabu handed to him in a past life.  Below you can see the new Nabu.  I love that the Helm has the same markings of the Eye of Horus that he has around his eyes when he was alive.

We then join the Flash and Khalid as they make their way through the Tower of Fate and attempt not to get eaten by the Beast protecting the Tower.    Khalid finds inspiration in Jay, in that Jay is willing to face the beast even though he is not sure his powers will be enough to stop it.  As Khalid makes his way through the Tower, being guided by Nabu and as the Flash battles the beast, we get a good amount of dialogue between Nabu and Khalid.  This is were we first learn from Nabu that the root of Khalid's fear is the mysterious death of his guardian Kent Nelson.  I wonder if this is a hint that Kent may have worn the Helm in the past or if Nabu knows about the pre-Flashpoint world and recalls Kent as the first Dr. Fate.

As Khalid reaches the Helm we get an interaction with him and Nabu where Khalid asks Nabu if the Helm will eventually take his sanity.  This is Nabu's response:
I like this because James Robinson is hinting that the possession element of Dr. Fate may be temporary as Khalid learns to use the powers, and may fade away once he is ready to fully become Dr. Fate.  Also, it appears that Nabu is no longer a Lord of Order, as in a panel he asks Khalid to be his agent of Order and Chaos.  So like Hector Hall, it seems that Dr. Fate is a balance of both forces.    

We then come to the moment of truth:
Khalid finally embraces his destiny as Dr. Fate.  

And just as Flash is about to be consumed by the Great Beast, FATE INTERVENES:
At first I wasn't so happy about Dr. Fate's blue colors being replaced by black, but now that I can see that the black is actually almost like a galaxy or universe being contained by the armor the look is even more amazing.  It also makes him seem so much more other-worldly.

Overall, I give this issue a perfect 10 out of 10. Fantastic job to the entire team, James Robinson, Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott and Brett Booth (for the design and cover work).  

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