Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dr. Fate Art: Dr. Fate vs Dr. Destiny

I hope this happens at some point in DC's New 52.  In the mean time we have Spiderpope's rendering on Deviant Art to spark our imaginations.  This would be a great battle!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Grant Morrison's Multiversity

Everyone get excited for Grant Morrison's Multiversity series which should be released soon.  Check out the following picture and description:

The second story will be a pulp adventure tale, using both old pulp characters and repurposed characters who could easily fit the mold, including an Indiana Jones by way of John Constantine “Doc” Fate. Also present will be Lady Blackhawk, the Atom and the Immortal Man in a story set in the year 2013 after a world war has decimated the human populace down to two billion people.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dr. Fate Art

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this piece of Raven, Dr. Fate, Saint Walker and Dr. Strange meditating.  Artwork by

Monday, May 20, 2013

Remembering Gardner Fox

Today is Gardner Fox's birthday.  For those who don't know, Mr. Fox is responsible for the creation of Doctor Fate and several other DC characters from the Golden Age.  Mr. Fox would be celebrating his 102nd birthday if he was still alive.

Mr. Fox is also credited with the idea of DC's Multiverse having written the scrips for "The Flash of Two Worlds" which brought together for the first time the Golden Age Flash and the then modern Flash of the Silver Age.  Fox then went on to write scripts for the stories featuring the JSA and JLA (Crisis in Two Earths) which featured crossovers with the characters of Earth 1 and Earth 2.

So join me in celebrating Gardner Fox's life and his wonderful creations that we still enjoy today.  Thank you Mr. Fox for the wonderful characters and stories!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

James Robinson Leaves Earth 2 and DC Comics

Dear DC Comics,

I was having a great day yesterday until I read the tweet from James Robinson saying that after the 16th issue of Earth 2 he would be leaving the book and DC Comics.  Not to sound over dramatic, but that really, truly saddened me.  I don't know the circumstances around why he is leaving, but I do know that I really enjoyed his writing and can see that he really loved and respected the characters of Earth 2. I also know he had some long term plans for the book, which may now be put aside.  I don't want to put blame on anyone's shoulders here, but DC Comics, there has been a recent trend with writers, good writers, leaving your company.  Do you realize the talent that you are losing in Mr. Robinson?  My understanding is that James Robinson was brought onto this series to build a world.  One cannot do that in 16 issues.  One cannot do that if editors are dictating what the world should look and feel like.  Of course that is speculation on my part, but again there is a recent trend that I can look back on and deduce what may have happened.

Please understand that we as fans, are loyal to the characters and to the stories.  DC Comics happens to have the characters that I find most compelling.  Had Dr. Fate been a Marvel or Independent character, DC comics would not be such a big priority in my purchasing decisions. But characters and stories cannot be well written without good writers and with a constant changing of the guard.  I ask both James Robinson and DC Comics to reconsider this decision (who ever made the decision) and have Mr Robinson stay on.  Yes it is true, once Mr. Robinson leaves Earth 2 I will continue to purchase the book because of my loyalty to the characters, but please understand my disappointment of his departure.

From a long term DC Comics fan who purchases nothing BUT DC Comics.    

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dr. Fate Art

Love this piece titled Tempting Fate by Gregory Gallant.  I took this off of the site.  Big thanks to them for posting it first.

Monday, May 13, 2013

History of Dr. Fate Part 8

This month brought a close to Earth 2's "Tower of Fate" arc, in which James Robinson introduced us to the new Doctor Fate.  For me it was a great four month period as my favorite character took center stage in this great comic series.  Again, I have to thank James Robinson and the artists Brett Booth (who designed the new look for the good Doctor) and Nicola Scott (the ongoing Earth 2 artist) for giving us such awesome imagery of Dr. Fate.

On to the history part:
Nabu's new host is Khalid Ben-Hassin, who is a Doctor of Archaeology and Hawkgirl's partner in excavations/expeditions to ancient sites in Egypt.  Khalid is himself a native Egyptian, but was raised by none other than Kent Nelson (who we know met his death under mysterious circumstances).

To say that Khalid is Nabu's new host is a bit incorrect, as it appears that Nabu no longer takes full possession of who ever wears the Helm.  Instead, Nabu is more of an adviser/teacher showing Khalid how to work his new powers.  The new Dr. Fate has recently defeated Nabu's old nemesis, Wotan, and has teamed up with Green Lantern and the Flash to stop an upcoming menace to their planet.

It is noteworthy to mention that Dr. Fate no longer sports his classic blue and gold uniform.  Although, his look is very close to the classic Dr. Fate, his colors are now black and gold.  Also, the black portions of his uniform appear to be more of a galaxy contained within his body.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Dr. Fate T-Shirt at

Check out this great Dr. Fate t-shirt available at

It's a little pricey at $28.75 but with such limited Dr. Fate merchandise to choose from I guess they can name their price.  Anyhow, they'll be getting my money soon.  I need to have this!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Earth 2 # 12 Review

Issue #12 of Earth 2 was magical! (see what I did there?)  No, seriously, it was a great issue.  Dr. Fate's debut was everything I could have asked for.  It really is amazing how much James Robinson and I think alike in terms of the Dr. Fate character.  If you go back into my earlier posts, you will find that some of the things I hoped for was that the new Dr. Fate be of Egyptian background (check), that Nabu be present but as an adviser and not take full possession (check), that he keeps most of his original look in tact (check), and that Egyptian/Assyrian magic still be a part of the character (big check).    You can see some of it here:

Love the way JR makes it so Nabu is advising Khalid in what steps to take, while reinforcing his knowledge. Love that Dr. Fate once again invokes the gods of old.  As we see here while Fate battles Wotan:

Overall this issue was fantastic.  It is everything I wanted in Dr. Fate.  Thank you Mr. Robinson for such and awesome origin story and thank you for taking the time to focus on this great character.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the last months reading this Earth 2 arc.  Can't wait to see what the future holds for Dr. Fate and the Justice Society.   

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top Ten Most Influential Dr. Fate Writers

Continuing with Dr. Fate's 73rd Birthday Celebration, I have compiled a list of who I think are the to 10 most influential people to have written Dr. Fate in comics.

10) There was a tie for number 10 between Bill Willingham and Marc Guggenheim.  These were the two final writers of the Justice Society of America before the New 52 era.  Bill Willingham was the person who brought back Dr. Fate into the JSA comics starting with issue #30 aptly titled Fate Steps In.  Before that issue Dr. Fate had only been seen in Griffen's Reign in Hell mini-series (which was great) and he also had a minor role during the Blackest Night event.  I put both Willingham and Geggenheim in at #10 because they were the last people to write the "classic" Dr. Fate before the Flashpoint event and the start of the New 52.  The Dr. Fate that they wrote was a neophyte to the world of magic and was only receiving minor guidance from the Helm of Nabu.

9) Wouldn't you know it, but the number nine slot is also a tie! This time between Paul Levitz and Gerry Conway.  Both Mr. Levitz and Mr. Conway wrote the Justice Society and All-Star Comics during the 1970's.  I loved the way that they wrote Dr. Fate because, although he was not the official leader of the JSA, when Dr. Fate spoke everyone listened.  Dr. Fate had the wisdom of Nabu and everyone respected him for it.  Plus, they wrote in the old corny comics dialogue which is super-fun to go back and read.  This Dr. Fate is in stark contrast to the last Dr. Fate of the regular DC continuity.  Also, I believe it was Levitz who wrote the 1st of Kent Nelson's three deaths.     

8)  Roy Thomas.  Mr. Thomas wrote the Dr. Fate that was part of the JSA as well as the All-Star Squadron in the early 1980's.  Thomas' Dr. Fate was intriguing because for part of the time, Kent Nelson wore the half-helm that he began wearing at the end of his golden age run.  The half-helm did not contain the soul of Nabu but continued to give Dr. Fate limited powers while retaining his identity (i.e. Kent Nelson did not get possessed).  Kent Nelson later went back to the full-helm and retained all of Nabu's full powers.  Mr. Thomas also wrote  a couple of different clashes that occurred between Fate and The Spectre which were very interesting.  One taking place during the America vs the Justice Society mini-series.  

7) Christopher Golden.  Golden wrote a great 5-issue Dr. Fate mini-series in 2002 featuring Hector Hall as Dr. Fate.  I really enjoyed this series and have always said that if there ever was a Dr. Fate movie made, this story would make a great template.

6) William Mesner-Loebs.  Mesner-Loebs had an interesting Dr. Fate run in the 1990's.  His Dr. Fate had Kent Nelson's wife, Inza Nelson, donning the Helm and Kent basically playing the background role that Inza had played for decades.  In my opinion, the run lacked action and the darkness that Dr. Fate had in the past.  Having said that, I actually enjoyed many of the story lines that Inza created as Dr. Fate.  And although she was not the first female version of the good Doctor, she was by far superior to her predecessor.  

5) J.M. DeMatteis.  It's no secret that I hated DeMatteis' ongoing Dr. Fate series, but his four-part mini-series in the late 1980's was an absolute classic.  The story was dark, contained tons of magic and really highlighted the conflict between Nabu and Kent Nelson.  Although the story introduced Linda and Eric Strauss (two characters that were beyond unworthy of the Dr. Fate mantle) it was still great.  This story also marked the second time that Kent Nelson died in the comics.  

4) Steve Gerber.  Gerber was given the task of resurrecting Dr. Fate after his demise in the Infinite Crisis story.  The story he gave us was one of redemption of a broken man who was named after his Great-Uncle Kent Nelson. Gerber brought the  Nelson name back into the equation in the form of Kent V. Nelson.  This is probably my favorite version of Dr. Fate, as Gerber gave us not only a character that is relatable but one that is also learning the craft without Nabu's guidance.  Unfortunately, Mr. Gerber passed away before he can finish his fantastic tale.  Would have loved to see what he planned for Dr. Fate as an ongoing.  RIP Mr. Gerber, and thank you for putting out one of my favorite versions of my favorite characters.

3) Martin Pasko.  There are some writers that just seem to "get" or have some connection with the characters that they are writing.  I've often said that Mr. Pasko "gets" Dr. Fate.  I am partial to Pasko's Dr. Fate stories because I  believe they were my introduction to this wonderful comic character.  Pasko's Dr. Fate travels through different dimensions, fights mythological gods who are actually agents of chaos, and uses different spells to destroy these threats.  Not to mention that he was the first to create the internal conflict between Nabu and Kent Nelson.  Pasko's Dr. Fate will forever be the standard for the character.  

2) James D. Robinson.  James D. Robinson has had a hand in resurrecting the Dr. Fate character not once, but twice!  He did it in the late 1990's when he brought back Dr. Fate as Hector Hall, and very recently as part of the DC's New 52 Earth 2 comic.  The most recent Dr. Fate is of Egyptian descent and was the ward of the deceased Kent Nelson.  Mr. Robinson is another one of those writers that seems to understand the character and is building/continuing that conflict that Mr. Pasko created between Nabu and his human host.

1) Gardner Fox.  At number one, it should be no surprise that this honor goes to the creator of the Dr. Fate character: Mr. Gardner Fox.  Without Mr. Fox's creative genius we would not have this awesome character to enjoy.  And although today's Dr. Fate is different from that of the Golden Age counterpart that Mr. Fox created, many of the same elements remain in tact.  Thank you Mr. Fox for giving us comic geeks a character that we have enjoyed for 73 years now.  

Happy 73rd Birthday Doctor Fate!

Happy New Comic Book Day everyone!  I want to wish Dr. Fate and Wotan a very happy 73rd birthday!  Dr. Fate and Wotan's first appearance occurred on the pages of More Fun Comics #55 that came out in May 1940. 

So don't forget to pick up your copy of Earth 2 #12 today and celebrate the good Doctor's birthday!  Dr. Fate and Wotan have been fighting for 73 years now.  Somewhere in comic heaven Kent and Inza Nelson are smiling from above.