Saturday, May 18, 2013

James Robinson Leaves Earth 2 and DC Comics

Dear DC Comics,

I was having a great day yesterday until I read the tweet from James Robinson saying that after the 16th issue of Earth 2 he would be leaving the book and DC Comics.  Not to sound over dramatic, but that really, truly saddened me.  I don't know the circumstances around why he is leaving, but I do know that I really enjoyed his writing and can see that he really loved and respected the characters of Earth 2. I also know he had some long term plans for the book, which may now be put aside.  I don't want to put blame on anyone's shoulders here, but DC Comics, there has been a recent trend with writers, good writers, leaving your company.  Do you realize the talent that you are losing in Mr. Robinson?  My understanding is that James Robinson was brought onto this series to build a world.  One cannot do that in 16 issues.  One cannot do that if editors are dictating what the world should look and feel like.  Of course that is speculation on my part, but again there is a recent trend that I can look back on and deduce what may have happened.

Please understand that we as fans, are loyal to the characters and to the stories.  DC Comics happens to have the characters that I find most compelling.  Had Dr. Fate been a Marvel or Independent character, DC comics would not be such a big priority in my purchasing decisions. But characters and stories cannot be well written without good writers and with a constant changing of the guard.  I ask both James Robinson and DC Comics to reconsider this decision (who ever made the decision) and have Mr Robinson stay on.  Yes it is true, once Mr. Robinson leaves Earth 2 I will continue to purchase the book because of my loyalty to the characters, but please understand my disappointment of his departure.

From a long term DC Comics fan who purchases nothing BUT DC Comics.    

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