Monday, May 20, 2013

Remembering Gardner Fox

Today is Gardner Fox's birthday.  For those who don't know, Mr. Fox is responsible for the creation of Doctor Fate and several other DC characters from the Golden Age.  Mr. Fox would be celebrating his 102nd birthday if he was still alive.

Mr. Fox is also credited with the idea of DC's Multiverse having written the scrips for "The Flash of Two Worlds" which brought together for the first time the Golden Age Flash and the then modern Flash of the Silver Age.  Fox then went on to write scripts for the stories featuring the JSA and JLA (Crisis in Two Earths) which featured crossovers with the characters of Earth 1 and Earth 2.

So join me in celebrating Gardner Fox's life and his wonderful creations that we still enjoy today.  Thank you Mr. Fox for the wonderful characters and stories!



  1. Very nice!

    I also celebrated his birthday this weekend with a Zatanna post (who shares the same birthday!)

    1. Very cool! I wonder if Mr. Fox felt most creative on his birth month? Dr. Fate's birthday is also in May!