Monday, June 17, 2013

Earth 2 Gets a New Writer

MTV Geek is reporting that a new writer has been assigned to the Earth 2 books, and it's none other than Tom Taylor.  If that name doesn't sound familiar then you probably have been missing out on one of the best comic series out there in the Injustice Gods Among Us comic adaptation.  The wildly popular digital comic has been received with rave reviews by fans and the hard copy regularly sells out in local comic shops.

Although, it would have been ideal for James Robinson to stay on and continue his world building, at least DC put Earth 2 in capable hands.  It'll be interesting to see what Mr. Taylor does with the forming Justice Society and the open story lines that he is being left with by Mr. Robinson.  It'll be especially interesting to me to see what he does with the wide open Dr. Fate story that James Robinson has left for him.  How will Nabu and Khalid's relationship develop?  Will Nabu keep his promise to eventually fade away once Khalid has learned the ropes? (that probably won't happen for years down the road)  What happened to Kent Nelson, Khalid's legal guardian and former Dr. Fate in the pre-New 52?

Judging from his writing and story lines on Injustice, I am confident that Tom Taylor will give us Earth 2 fans a strong book with plenty of great stories.  And I do wish James Robinson the best of luck in his future endeavors, I cannot thank him enough for the care and respect that he brought my favorite character, Dr. Fate, into DC's new universe.    

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