Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dr. Fate's Live-Action Appearances

Yesterday's full release (no pun intended) of Axel Braun's Man of Steel Parody in stores marked the third time that Dr. Fate has made a live-action appearance.  I thought I would post a few pictures of all three of his previous appearances for everyone.  Here is hoping for more Dr. Fate in live-action films; whether they be fan films, television appearances, adult parodies or big screen appearances.  I just want to see more Doctor Fate on screen.  I'm really, really hoping that Guillermo Del Toro will put the Good Doctor in his Justice League Dark film.  With that, I give you Dr. Fate's live-action appearances:

1) Gary Lobstein's 2011 three part fan film "Dr. Fate and the Crawling Chaos"

2) Dr. Fate's appearance in WB's Smallville's "Absolute Justice" episode.

3) Vivid's Axel Braun Man of Steel XXX Parody.


  1. I did not know about this Fate fan-movie. I'll have to check it out.

    1. Tim look for it on youtube. I made a post about it more than a year ago. I'll probably make another post about it now that this blog is getting a little more traffic and the folks who missed it can catch it again.