Friday, July 5, 2013

Earth 2 # 14 Review

This month's Earth 2 issue was a blast!  In the last few issues we've been seeing the beginnings of a new team forming with Green Lantern, Flash and Dr. Fate joining forces to defeat Wotan and before that several Wonders joining forces to defeat Grundy.  Now we have the first time that they carry out a planned attack versus Steppenwolf and his forces in Dherain.  Green Lantern, Flash and Dr. Fate decide to beat the World Army to the punch and take down Steppenwolf on their own which leads to some of Nicola Scott's best art in some beautiful action-filled pages.  After getting the jump on some of Steppenwolf's army and defeating them, the three Wonders meet with agents of the World Army who are also there for the purposes of taking down Dherain's newly self-appointed dictator.  After a short stand off between the World Army and the three Wonders they are visited by Steppenwolf's Dogs of War who they will surely have to join forces in order to defeat.  In this issue we also get a glipmse of Mr. Terrific again, who has been MIA for a while.  I certainly hope that he sticks around Earth 2 permanently.  

Overall, this was a great issue.  Lots of action, new characters, and we slowly see what we used to know as the JSA, come together once more.  I really enjoyed seeing Dr. Fate in action again, and once again, Fate becoming a character which others look to for insight.  Although he may not be the leader, he certainly speaks with authority and his words carry a lot of weight.  My only complaint, and it's a small one, is that I would love to see him use the ankh symbol a little more.  He doesn't have to do it all the time, but it is something that is so associated with him that it feels weird not to see him use the ankh as a shield or energy blast.  

Lastly, this issue continued to demonstrate that James Robinson was building to something really big and something really special with Earth 2.  Although I have full confidence on Tom Taylor's ability to take Earth 2 and make it something really fantastic, I can't help but lament that we won't see all of Mr. Robinson's ideas for this great book come into fruition.   

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